Teaching swimming has taken Carly from her local pool, to travelling the world

Carly Gates, TUI Academies Team Leader and Swim Coach has travelled the world with her swimming teacher qualifications. She started her career as a swimming assistant and lifeguard at her local leisure centre and now works for TUI where she can see the world, and help holidaymakers learn a life skill whilst having fun.

“I first came to being a swimming teacher after working at my local leisure centre as a lifeguard,” says Carly. “I had just completed university, studying Sports Coaching and I always wanted to teach and help others.”

“Before working as a Swimming Teacher, I was working in a supermarket and also volunteering at my local football club and local primary schools as a football and multi-skills coach.”

Her career as a Swimming Teacher has taken her to many incredible countries.

“I have been lucky enough to work in beautiful countries such as Cyprus, Turkey and Spain,” Carly says. “My favourite experience of this is being able to work alongside different teams every year and meeting so many different people day to day.”

For Carly, inspiring people to have fun while learning a life-saving skill is one of the most enjoyable parts of her job.

“The best thing about teaching people to swim is watching them progress and learn a life skill all whilst having fun.
Building that personal connection with the person and helping them achieve their very best. Being able to see a visual progression from any ability and seeing the person believe they can do it and building their confidence in the water.”

If you are considering a career in swimming teaching and using your qualifications to work around the world, Carly says.

“I would fully recommend this career to others as it is simply the best job in the world,” she says. “Being able to travel and see the world, working alongside so many different and interesting people, helping people achieve and learn a life skill all whilst having fun!”

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