Join the Community of Open Water Swimming Enthusiasts and Become an Open Water Coach

Become an Open Water Swimming Coach!

Open-water swimming has become increasingly popular in recent years and many individuals are looking to become open-water swimming coaches. Becoming an open water swimming coach provides a unique opportunity to share your love of swimming and help others improve their skills and overall health. The Swim England Coaching Open Water Swimming is designed specifically for Swim England Swimming Coaches and Assistants, qualified Swimming Teachers, Triathlon Coaches or those holding the RLSS Pool to Pond award who want to become independent open water coaches.

The course combines online learning and practical learning in an open-water environment, providing participants with the skills they need to effectively plan, deliver, and evaluate open-water training sessions.

Portrait Lisa Swimming teacher portraitLisa, 52, is on her way to becoming a fully qualified swimming teacher and explains the benefits of open water swimming and why she also wants to train to become an Open Water Swimming Coach:

 “I started participating in open water swimming with the Bluetits Chill Swimmers. I loved my local group or ‘flock’, especially the feeling of community and the thrill of swimming in open water throughout the year. Swimming has become so positive for my overall health and my mental well-being, and being someone who has completed marathons and participated in other exercises, swimming always boosts my spirits.

The Bluetits Chill Swimmers were looking for individuals with recognised open water swim coach qualifications. I was immediately interested, however, I felt that if I was to do this, I wanted to be more knowledgeable and get my swimming teacher qualifications too.”

Wendy, Open water swimming coach explains that;

“Aged 16, the club funded my Level One Assistant Teacher training and when I was 18 I completed my Level Two Swimming Teacher Qualification. Over the years I have completed many CPD’s and diplomas, including the Coaching Open Water Swimming Course. These qualifications and training have served me well in my aquatics career and have also been transferrable and beneficial to my previous work as a training officer for the NHS. My love of swimming was instilled in me by my teachers and coaches, and I just want to pass this on.”

Mark, who grew up in the North East of Scotland in the fishing town of Fraserburgh, is also looking to embark on the Coaching Open Water Swimming Course says:

“Growing up by the sea, water was always very important. There is a big fishing and surfing community in Fraserburgh and water safety is paramount to the people that live there. This has always made me respect water and understand the value of learning to swim; becoming a swimming teacher has reinforced this.”


If you are interested in becoming an open water coach, find out more about the  SEQ Level 2 Coaching Open Water Swimming course and join the growing community of open water swimming enthusiasts!