Mia has found her ideal student job, teaching swimming

Mia, 17, is a competitive swimmer and diver, currently mid-way through her SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming Qualification with the Institute of Swimming, whilst also studying.


Here, she explains how she is enjoying her swimming teacher qualifications and how she hopes to use these in her future.

“I’ve always loved the water. When I was three my Mum took me on holiday to Trinidad, where I was innately drawn to the sea. On our return home, my Mum made sure I had proper swimming lessons, and as I got older supported me with my competitive swimming. I love being in water and I can’t image life without swimming – it’s so much of who I am.


“It was my swimming coach that suggested getting my swimming teacher qualifications.  He gave me the confidence to apply. I currently work part time as a lifeguard and it made sense to get this additional qualification.  I also wanted to share my love of swimming with others, as I’m passionate about children learning this valuable life skill.


“I’ve really enjoyed the learning, especially the practical side of the training. It’s great to be able to now watch swimming teachers where I lifeguard, using the theory that I am currently learning. I’m already beginning to recognise how rewarding it is to see a child progress with their swimming.


Mia says:

“The delivery of the courses, in both Level 1 Swimming Assistant and Level 2 Teaching Swimming, have been really well structured; everything from the demonstrations to the additional reading and online resources. I’ve also found I am learning to be patient through the training too. I’m someone that wants everything immediately and the swimming teacher course has taught me how important patience is. A child doesn’t learn to swim overnight; it’s a process that, as their swimming teacher, I need to nurture.  I am going to try to apply what I’ve learnt through the swimming teaching to my personal life too, as patience is so important in life generally as well.


“I’m also really pleased that my Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications will stay with me for life. It’s a qualification that looks great on my CV and is a skill I can dip in and out of.”


Mia is planning to continue working as a lifeguard whilst she completes her A-Levels and will work as an assistant swimming teacher alongside her coach too. In addition, she plans to pick up cover shifts teaching at the pool where she works.  She also hopes to use her qualification once she goes to University.

She explains:

“It’s a job with flexible hours that can fit perfectly around my studies.”

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