Join the wave of students set to start their swimming teacher training

Embark on a journey that will complement your studies and open up new opportunities for the future.

Summer is the perfect time to take the plunge and become a swimming teacher. This year approximately 1500 enthusiastic individuals like yourself are gearing up to kickstart their training during the summer holidays. With exams behind you, it’s time to consider your future path, and teaching swimming could be the ideal option.

Flexibility and high pay

One of the major advantages of becoming a swimming teacher is the flexibility it offers. You can fit your teaching schedule around your lifestyle and other commitments, making it an excellent part-time job for students or a stepping stone for a career in the leisure industry. Not to mention, the pay for swimming teachers is quite attractive, allowing you to earn while doing something you love.

Develop essential skills

Teaching swimming goes beyond just imparting swim strokes; it equips you with essential skills that will prove invaluable in your future endeavours. Communication, leadership, problem-solving, and patience are just a few of the abilities you’ll hone during your training as a swimming teacher.

Incredibly rewarding

Teaching someone how to swim gives you a huge sense of fulfilment, especially when you witness their progress in the water. The focus on learning through fun activities makes swimming lessons enjoyable for both the swimmers and the teacher. The smiles and excitement of the learners make every moment truly rewarding.

Experience an SEQ Level 1 Swimming Assistant course

The Institute of Swimming offers comprehensive training programs that will set you on the path to becoming a qualified SEQ swimming teacher.

See what it is all about by joining two TikTok creators on their journey to become a swimming assistant:

Brooke’s swimming assistant course experience

Brooke’s excitement and passion for swimming teaching were unparalleled as she undertook one of our Online and Virtual courses. The course started with eLearning and Zoom webinars, covering the theoretical aspects of training. Later, she joined two invigorating morning sessions at the pool, putting her learning into practice.

Check out Brooke’s vlog on TikTok: @brookepaintain

@brookepaintain AD| This course to become a swimming assistant was 1000% the highlight of my week last weekπŸŠβ€β™€οΈβœ¨ happy timesπŸ˜…πŸ’• Check out @Institute of Swimming to see how you can become one too! #studentjob #LearnOnTikTok #swimmingteacher ♬ original sound – brooke paintain

Phoebe’s swimming assistant journey, adding to her teaching skills

Phoebe opted for the Blended Learning course which offers a mix of eLearning and in-person training. After completing some theory through eLearning, she attends seminars and pool sessions to gain hands-on experience.

Watch Phoebe’s vlog on TikTok: @phoebestallan

@phoebestallan Guess who's a fully qualified Level 1 Swimming Teaching Assistant, thanks to @instituteofswimming! πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ #ad #level1swimmingassistant #studentjob #LearnOnTikTok #swimmingteacher ♬ original sound – phoebe stallan

Make a splash in the world of swimming teaching

Dive into this incredible opportunity to become a swimming teacher and create a positive impact on countless lives. Whether you choose a Face to Face, Online and Virtual course or the Blended Learning experience, the Institute of Swimming has got you covered.

Learn more and sign up for your swimming teacher training course.

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