Embarking on a Rewarding Journey: Kimberley’s Path to Becoming a Swimming Teacher

When passion and opportunity collide, the journey to a fulfilling career begins. Meet Kimberley, a mum of three, whose inspiring journey into the world of swimming teaching through the Institute of Swimming Academy is a testament to making the most of every opportunity. Acadmey Swim Teacher Kim

Discovering the Institute of Swimming Academy

It all began when Kimberley stumbled upon an intriguing advert from the Institute of Swimming on social media. The call to make a difference in the lives of young swimmers resonated with her, and she knew she had to take the plunge. Kimberley reflects:

“The application process was very straightforward, and I was delighted to be accepted onto a Level 1 Assistant Course.”

“After completing the course and a few hours volunteering at Places Leisure High Wycombe, I was offered a casual placement as a swim assistant that I worked as a second job.”

Diving in as an assistant

As a swim assistant, the fulfilment she experienced from witnessing the children grow in confidence and improve in the water was immeasurable. Kimberley says:

“Having the opportunity to work as an assistant in the water, helping the Stage 1 swimmers to develop the early core aquatic skills, was so fulfilling. Witnessing the children develop confidence and improve in the water was a real privilege too.”

Seizing the opportunity

Driven by her passion and dedication, Kimberley’s journey took a significant leap forward when she attended her SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming Qualification. Kimberley embraced the challenge wholeheartedly and made swimming teaching her main job, she shares:

“I haven’t looked back since! I took the decision to make swimming teaching my main job and am so happy I did. As a lone parent to three children, I have always struggled to find work that offers the flexibility around school holidays.”

Kimberley couldn’t be happier with her decision, and she encourages anyone considering this role to take the plunge:

“My role as a swimming teacher has really improved my work life balance and I would urge anyone considering the role to apply!”

Inspiring others to dive in

Kimberley’s journey serves as an inspiring example of how pursuing your passion can lead to a fulfilling career. Her dedication and commitment to her role as a swimming teacher have made a positive impact on the lives of young swimmers and led her to find a rewarding and balanced life.

If you’re looking to make a splash in your career and create a positive impact, consider joining the Institute of Swimming Academy. The journey awaits, and you have the power to dive into a fulfilling future, just like Kimberly did.

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