From Competitive Swimmer to Aspiring Swimming Teacher, here’s Ryan’s impressive journey

Ryan, from East Sussex, has been making waves in the world of swimming. He started his aquatic journey at the young age of six, Ryan’s passion for the water has not only taken him into the ranks of competitive swimmers but has also steered him towards becoming a swimming teacher.

Ryan Swimming Teacher


Ryan joined Beacon Swimming Club when he moved to East Sussex and began competing at a regional and national level. It wasn’t long before Ryan found himself volunteering for his local club and helping at swimming events as part of the Swim England Youth Volunteering Programme. He completed all of this alongside training for the British Championships that he took part in last year, breaking a county record in the 50m Backstroke.  His commitments were recognised at the end of last year when he was presented with the Swim England Youth Champion Award.


Ryan’s genuine love for the water, his enthusiasm for teaching others, and guidance from his coach led him to embark on the journey to become a swimming teacher. He enrolled on the SEQ Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) course with the Institute of Swimming. 


Reflecting on his decision, Ryan shared,

“After turning 16 and finishing my GCSEs, I thought it was the perfect time to start my Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) course. So, I booked on with the Institute of Swimming and completed a four day face to face course in Tonbridge. Although the practical sessions were initially nerve-wracking with the swimmers’ parents watching, by the end of the course I had gained confidence and it had really helped to develop my communication skills.”


Ryan’s determination didn’t stop there and he is currently midway through the SEQ Level 2 Swimming Teacher course with the Institute of Swimming. He also works part-time at a local pub over the summer holidays, but he continues pursuing his passion for teaching swimming.

“Teaching swimming is much more fulfilling and pays much more than my other job. I already have a swimming teacher job with a local swim school for when I have qualified. The hours will fit really well with my studies when I start 6th Form and it will help me save up for driving lessons and my first car and I should be able to pay my mum back for the cost of the course fairly quickly too.” he remarked.


Ryan talked about the future and his interest in studying Business at University and hopes to be able to pick up part-time swimming teacher work whilst at Uni.

“The qualifications I’m gaining from the Institute of Swimming will be invaluable wherever I go. Not only do they look great on my CV, but I’ll also like to work part-time whilst at university to help fund my degree and I hope to also pick up work when I am back home over the holidays” Ryan explained.


Ryan took a short break from swimming competitively whilst taking his GCSE exams but wants to start swimming competitively again in September. He is hoping to swim at National level again, and has found the theory element helpful for his own swimming development.

“I have found the Institute of Swimming Course great. My tutor has been so supportive and encouraging. I found the Level 2 quite a step up from the Level 1 course with lots of planning involved but I am really enjoying it and I have learnt so much, it’s also helping me improve my own swimming skills. I have particularly enjoyed teaching the different stages and watching the children progress and helping them achieve new milestones. Teaching a child to do something for the first time is incredibly rewarding. Just this week, I helped a child accomplish their first tumble turn and dive. It’s great that I am able to help develop their skills and its such good fun too”

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