Jessica’s Inspiring Journey to Becoming a Swimming Teacher with the Institute of Swimming Recruitment Academy

Life is all about pursuing passions and finding new avenues to make a positive impact. For Jessica Wilson, the journey to becoming a swimming teacher was a life-changing decision that combined her love for working with children and her passion for swimming. Jessica says:Portrait image of Jessica swimming teacher

“I previously worked in Mental Health & Child Protection in schools and decided that I wanted to do something different whilst still working with children to support their wellbeing.”

Discovering the academy

One day, fate led her to discover the Institute of Swimming Recruitment Academy. An opportunity to combine her passion for swimming with working closely with children was too good to resist. Jessica recalls:

“I have always enjoyed swimming so when I came across the Recruitment Academy it seemed like an obvious choice.”

The application process was straightforward, and she quickly received a response from the academy. Jessica shares:

“I applied online and the process was very simple. They contacted me quite quickly to let me know which centres were interested in me working with them.”

“I had an interview at Wycombe Leisure Centre and after meeting the team there and talking through the options, it absolutely confirmed that I’d made the right decision and I wanted to become a swimming teacher.”

Her learning journey

To begin her journey, Jessica enrolled in the SEQ Level 1 Swimming Assistant course in September 2022. The course was thoughtfully designed, with eLearning followed by two days of hands-on training. Jessica says:

“I really enjoyed the course, and it was great learning new skills as well as giving me the opportunity to get in the water with the swimmers to demonstrate what I have learnt.”

Jessica passed the Level 1 course with flying colours and started her journey as a swim assistant, working alongside the team at Wycombe Leisure Centre.

Her passion for teaching swimming only grew stronger, and in April 2023, she took on the challenge of the SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming qualification. The two-week course covered a lot of work, but Jessica embraced every moment of it and said:

“This course was done over two weeks and it was pretty intense, but I loved it and enjoyed learning the skills to break down the strokes and teach them efficiently to the swimmers.”

Her dedication paid off, and she successfully passed her Level 2 qualification.

Finding fulfilment in her work

Now, as a qualified swim teacher at Wycombe Leisure Centre, Jessica finds fulfilment in her work every day. She cherishes the opportunity to work with children, guiding them on their journey to becoming better swimmers. Jessica concludes:

“I’m learning all the time and love working with the children to help them on their journey to become better swimmers and I am looking forward to taking more courses in the future. I am thrilled that I decided to take the opportunity to train and become a teacher through the swim recruitment academy.”

Jessica’s story is a testament to the power of following one’s heart and embracing new opportunities. The Institute of Swimming’s Academy provided her with the platform to turn her passion into a meaningful career, and she couldn’t be more thrilled with her decision.

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