Phoebe shares her passion and purpose in becoming a swimming teacher.

Phoebe shares her passion and purpose in becoming a swimming teacher

Phoebe, aged 16, is carving out her own path as she navigates the waters of her Level 2 swimming teacher course with the Institute of Swimming. With a background in competitive swimming, her love for the sport has combined with her aspiration to teach and inspire the next generation of swimmers.

Swimming Teacher PhoebeThe Perfect Blend:

Phoebe has just finished her GCSEs and is about to embark on a Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship. She explains how teaching swimming is the ideal job for her.

“I swam competitively for 6 years and still love the sport, and I also enjoy working with children, so combining both is the perfect job for me.”

With the flexible nature of Teaching swimming, she feels that she will be able to perfectly balance her roles as a teaching assistant and a swimming teacher together.

Phoebe’s journey began by assisting at a local swim school and volunteering her time at the local club. She took her first step into the world of teaching swimming by completing the SEQ Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) course at Beckenham Spa.

She said,

“I absolutely loved it, the tutor was welcoming and very supportive and combined with my work experience I felt ready to move onto a Level 2 Course”

“I have absolutely loved the practical sessions so far on the Level 2 course and I love teaching the children. It is so nice when you can see that they are enjoying it. I also really enjoy adapting the sessions to make it individual for each child. Within one group you can have varying abilities and I really like working with the children to help them achieve their Learn To swim objectives and goals.

Phoebe continues,

“My tutor on my Level 2 course has been so welcoming and has a lovely calm approach, it’s a lovely atmosphere to learn in. Everything has been really well explained and I have learnt so many new skills from planning lessons effectively to mastering body language and positioning when teaching. I would love to work in different swim schools to pick up more experience and further develop my skills… ultimately this is my dream job.”

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