Amy Garner – a Leisure Team Member Apprentice

The ability to learn whilst earning through on-the-job training was the ideal opportunity for Amy who is currently completing a Leisure Team Member Apprenticeship. With a passion for fitness, she knew the leisure industry was where she wanted to work. We recently spoke with Amy to see how she’s getting on…

“I wanted to progress within the health and fitness industry more as my passion for the industry was growing…I wanted to gain some industry specific qualifications. I was desperate for this but couldn’t afford to do them so I was excited to see the Leisure Team Member Apprenticeship advertised.”

A high quality learning and development opportunity

The apprenticeship ensures proficiency in a variety of skills across leisure and fitness operations, lifeguard duties, swimming teaching duties, gym instruction and leading group activities. As part of the swimming teaching duties, Amy gained

“a better understanding around water safety and learnt how to help people build confidence with their swimming”.

Highlights and successes so far

Amy’s highlights so far are:

“qualifying in gym instructing and lifeguarding as these took the hardest work to achieve. But I am sure there are going to be many more highlights before I finish my apprenticeship.”

She also spoke about the fact that, before the apprenticeship, she couldn’t even swim herself but she wasn’t going to let that stand in her way. She said:

“even though I couldn’t swim I was determined to learn and take that opportunity.”

Improving customer’s health and wellbeing

Customer experience is also of utmost importance for Amy who is pleased that her hard work is


adding value to other people and will help them lead healthier lives. Amy commented:

“I have customers saying that their gym experience when they come in wouldn’t be the same without speaking to me, that I gave them a great experience of the gym and the swimming pool. I’m more educated and experienced in both the gym and swimming pool which has allowed me to help exceed the customer experience in the leisure centre and gym.”

A world of opportunity awaits…

Amy is due to complete her apprenticeship in the coming months. But for Amy, this is more than just an apprenticeship, it’s a gateway to an array of opportunities and a brighter future in an industry she is passionate about. She now absolutely loves working in the swimming pool and is looking forward to growing her career with further poolside qualifications and CPD courses. We look forward to catching up with Amy to see how she progresses.

Interested in a Leisure Team Member Apprenticeship?

The Institute of Swimming in partnership with Creative Sport & Leisure, Future Fit Training and RLSS deliver the Leisure Team Member Apprenticeship Standard. If Amy’s story has whet your appetite and you’re enthusiastic about teaching others to swim as part of the Leisure Team Member Apprenticeship, apply to be considered here.