Max, 18, has recently completed the PWTAG-approved Pool Plant Operator course

Max, 18, has recently completed the Institute of Swimming PWTAG-approved Pool Plant Operator course.  Here, Max will explain why he undertook the training and how it is helping him in his role.

Max says: “I became a lifeguard two years ago at Place Leisure’s Strode Leisure Centre in North Somerset. Being a lifeguard was the perfect part time job for me whilst studying for my extended Level Three BTEC in Business Studies at college.  Working at the leisure centre is fantastic; Places Leisure is a good employer and the shifts work around

Max a Pool Plant Operatormy studies and social life. Being a lifeguard is also a really important job, with a lot of responsibility.

“In August 2023, the General Manager at Strode Leisure Centre asked if I would like to upskill, taking on more responsibility including some part time Duty Manager shifts.  I jumped at the chance and, along side another lifeguard, it was mandatory for me to complete a three-day Pool Plant Operator course.”

Max undertook his in-person training course at Hengrove Leisure Centre.

Max explains: “When I finish my BTEC, I’m going to take a year out of education so I can save money and think about what or where I want to study or if I want to consider going straight into my career. Having this extra qualification under my belt looks excellent on my CV, but also means I can earn more at the leisure centre and have a more demanding role, which is something I’m keen to have.

“Before starting the course, I was unsure how I would respond to the training. I was never really keen on science or chemistry at school and I was worried I would find the course boring and difficult. However, I was completely wrong! I was surprised at how interesting I found the course, and how much I learnt. I don’t think I have ever learnt so much in just three days!

“The tutor was a great teacher and a really good communicator, and took me from being  a complete novice to having a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of pool plant operations and safety.  After the three days, I successfully passed the assessment.

“It’s been really interesting learning about all that should be done to keep a pool safe, and the dangers of what can go wrong if best practices are not undertaken every single day.

“Since gaining the qualification, I have started to take on some Duty Manager shifts and will hopefully take on more once I have completed my BTEC later this year.  I’m really proud of what I have achieved!”