Monaka experienced the health benefits of swimming and wanted inspire others in her community

Monaka, trained to become a swimming teacher after a serious condition, Fibromyalgia, left her with severe mobility problems, at the time unable to walk.


She explains:

Monaka teaching

“My husband took me to the pool in order for me to start to regain movement.  I had to learn to swim again.  The health benefits of swimming, both physically and mentally, really helped with my recovery and it was this transformation that inspired me to become a swimming teacher. I’m passionate about the positive impact swimming can deliver for everyone and wanted to inspire others to learn to swim, whatever their background.”


“I love being teaching swimming and I especially cherish seeing new learners, be that babies and toddlers or older adults that never learnt to swim, gain confidence in the water.  It’s amazing to be a part of their swimming journey, and I very much feel that I am teaching the next generation of swimmers.

Monaka, is committed to being involved in teaching her community to swim.

She says:

“Being a swimming teacher puts you at the heart of your community, as we see many families accessing the leisure centres.  It’s really important that I am visible poolside, as it breaks down some stereotypical assumptions about who or why you should learn to swim.  Swimming is a core skill and it is an incredibly inclusive form of physical activity.  It is therefore vital that outdated cultural barriers are broken down.  My parents didn’t understand the value or importance of learning to swim, and because of this I didn’t have swimming lessons as a child. This must not be the case for the children of today.


“Greater representation of Black, Asian and other ethnic minorities in aquatics is critical in making swimming available to all.  If you see someone who looks like you teaching swimming and at the leisure centre, then it is more likely that someone from your community feels safe to attend themselves. If parents know how to swim, their child is more likely to learn to swim.  We need to put swimming at the heart of family and community life. Being a swimming teacher is a vital job, as learning to swim could potentially save your life.  I’m passionate about water safety and making people safe in the water.“


Monaka joined the Swimming Teacher Recruitment Academy and completed the SEQ Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) qualification  before moving onto the SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming course.

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