Two decades of swimming teacher expertise: meet Danni

Danni, 37, has been a swimming teacher for almost twenty years.  Here she explains why she turned her hobby into a career, and how it has supported her throughout various stages of her life.

Danni says:

“I’d always enjoyed swimming as a child and joined a local swimming club. Like so many other junior club swimmers, I helped out at the club and volunteered with some lessons.  It therefore made sense to get my Swimming Teacher Qualifications and I did this at the same time as studying for my B-Techs.

“Being a swimming teacher fitted around my college work and was great pay. I definitely earned more than most other teenagers!

When I went to University in London to study Sports Therapy it made sense for me to find work locally, and throughout my degree I worked most Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Danni in the swimming pool
Danni loves teaching swimming as her career

“Being in London for the first time was a bit overwhelming and isolating; it doesn’t really have a ‘campus university’ experience. So beyond helping to fund my studies, I actually made more friends at the leisure centre where I worked than at university. Teaching swimming connected me to a network of likeminded people, colleagues and lifelong friends.”

On graduating, Danni did consider training to become a school teacher. However, on reflection she decided to stick with swimming. She explains:

“I couldn’t find a valid reason why I wanted to stop teaching swimming and find a different career. I loved how rewarding my job was. I really enjoyed the flexibility of the hours, plus it gave me the opportunity to travel. Over the years I have cherished many of the children I taught to swim and still think of them fondly.

“It seems amazing that I have been teaching swimming for so long now. And over the years I have upskilled with various CPD’s and also now tutor swimming teacher courses for the Institute of Swimming. These days I have two young children and no longer teach swimming full time. Instead I cover lessons and deliver National Curriculum school swimming, as well as tutoring the swimming teachers of tomorrow. Teaching swimming can be so flexible around caring responsibilities, and as my kids get older my intention is to slowly rebuild my hours back to full time, as I do really miss that connection with the pupils.

“Teaching swimming has delivered a career for me all the way from being a teenager to a mum who is almost forty. What’s great is that teaching swimming will continue to deliver for me as I get older. I love how easily I have been able to move locations and pick up work, as it’s a versatile skill that is in demand throughout England and in fact the globe.

“I would really recommend teaching swimming as a career as there are loads of fantastic opportunities that come with the job!”

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