Start your training for the ideal student job

Whether you’re a student eagerly awaiting the holiday break from school or someone seeking a new direction, consider this: why not embark on the journey to become a swimming teacher?

There are lots of reasons why so many students decide to train to become swimming teachers and teach swimming alongside their studies.

Start training from 16

You can begin your journey to becoming a swimming teacher as early as age 16 by starting the SEQ Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) course. Many of these courses are offered on weekends or during school holidays, making it easy to fit them into your schedule alongside your studies and other commitments. So, if you are wondering what to do with your summer holiday – diving into swimming teaching could be your perfect solution.
Sam recently completed the Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) course which combined eLearning and practical pool sessions. Watch Sam’s experience…
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No experience required

No experience is required, whilst you need to be confident in and around water, you do not need to be an elite athlete or competitive swimmer to start your training. The doors are open to all who are enthusiastic about sharing their passion of swimming with others.

Flexible hours

One of the most attractive aspects of becoming a swimming teacher is its flexibility. With many lessons running on weekend mornings, or evenings between 4-7pm, you can pick up shifts to work around your studies or other commitments.

Rewarding job

It’s fun and incredibly rewarding especially seeing swimmers conquering their fear of the water or mastering a new stroke. As a swimming teacher, you’re not just imparting a skill; you’re instilling confidence, promoting fitness, and fostering a lifelong love of swimming.

Develop new skills

Moreover, the skills you acquire as a swimming teacher are invaluable and look fantastic on your CV. Communication, leadership, patience – these are just a few of the attributes you’ll develop along the way, enhancing your employability and enriching your personal growth.