A Beginner's Guide to Refereeing Swimming

This free interactive online resource provides support and guidance for officials refereeing small or locally-run competitions.

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This online course incorporates varying activities and checks on learning, which enables you to recognise and identify the duties of a referee at a swimming meet with regard to:

  • The role of the referee
  • The role of the referee with specific reference to Health and Safety
  • Producing the race result (Manual and AOE)

Training format

E-Learning – 1 hour
You can start this online course straight away and it can be accessed multiple times before completion.

Who is the course designed for?

This online course has been designed to provide support and guidance for officials refereeing for small or locally run competitions. It is important to note that completion of this module will not qualify you as a referee.

We cannot provide a completion record or certificate for this online resource.