Combined SEQ Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) and Level 2 Teaching Swimming - Virtual Classroom

This combined course enables anyone with experience supporting swimming lessons to complete the theoretical elements of both SEQ Level 1 and Level 2 Teaching Swimming qualifications side by side through a series of interactive webinars.

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We have created this combined SEQ Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) and Level 2 Teaching Swimming course so that anyone who already has experience supporting swimming lessons can complete both qualifications side by side.

This course develops your knowledge, skills and abilities as a swimming assistant and teacher. It enables you to independently plan and deliver swimming lessons and assist other teachers.

Training format

This course is split into two halves:

  1. Theory – This will be delivered online through interactive zoom webinars
  2. Practical – This will start with three zoom webinars to cover some practical topics and your venue orientation. You will then go on to do four, half-day practical sessions at the pool and a final webinar with your tutor.

Online theory

This course will allow you to complete the theoretical elements of your qualification online through a series of live virtual classrooms delivered through ZOOM webinars.

The webinars will be led by your tutor and you will be guided through the course content along with others on your course. You will be involved in group activities, able to ask questions and interact with those on your course.

During this time you will also be able to contact your course tutor via email.

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Practical sessions

Once you have completed your theoretical training you will then be able to book on to any SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming Practical Session which will include more course content, your swimming lessons and assessment at the pool. Your tutor will complete the practical assessment for your SEQ Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) qualification as part of this.

Due to current Covid-19 guidelines and to ensure everyone’s safety, we will be keeping the amount of time you spend at the pool to a minimum so these practical sessions will consist of:

  • Three Zoom Webinars
    • During these sessions, the tutor will cover the last of your practical topics, a venue orientation and planning for your swimming lesson assessments.
  • Four, half-day Practical assessment sessions at the pool
    • These will consist of a meet and greet, planning and preparation, lesson delivery of at least six 30-minute swimming lessons, peer observations and feedback. You will then also need to complete evaluations and an action plan.
  • There will then be a final webinar once you have finished the above where you will receive one to one feedback from your tutor.

We run courses at leisure centres across England so you can be assured you will never have to travel far to complete your qualification.

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Course fees

As this qualification is split into theory and practical sessions, we are splitting the course fee into two separate payments.

When you start the course and begin your theory, you will only have to pay £356.

Once you have finished all the theory, you can book your practical sessions and make your final payment of £534.

Course content

This course develops your knowledge, skills and abilities as a swimming teacher and assistant, giving you the skills to independently plan and deliver swimming lessons.

You will learn about:

  • The responsibilities and role of a swimming assistant and a swimming teacher
  • How the scientific principles of swimming impact on development
  • How to develop core aquatic skills and the four strokes
  • How to identify and correct common swimming faults
  • How to use a variety of teaching techniques and equipment to suit different needs
  • How to plan and deliver inclusive lessons for different levels of ability, including adaptations for swimmers with special educational needs and disabilities
  • Key teaching and management skills including class management and assessment, organisational skills, behaviour management, communication skills, and teaching methods
  • National curriculum swimming lessons and how they differ from learn to swim lessons

Who is the course designed for?

Due to the intense nature of this course, those looking to enrol should have:

  • Experience of supporting swimming lessons or working within an aquatics environment
  • Technical knowledge of swimming
  • An understanding of Stages 1-7 of the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme
  • A basic understanding of lesson planning