SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming to Babies and Toddlers

Builds on the SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming qualification, developing your knowledge and skills to teach swimming to babies and toddlers.

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This course develops your knowledge, skills and abilities as a swimming teacher for babies and toddlers/pre-school children. It builds on the SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming qualification and gives you the skills to independently plan and deliver a series of baby and toddler swimming lessons.

Training Format

Face to Face – 4 days

Who is the course designed for?

Anyone who has an SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming qualification who wants to provide baby and toddler/adult and child swimming sessions.

Course content

The course is delivered through a mixture of online learning, classroom activities and practical poolside learning. You will participate in at least four 30-minute pre-school swimming lessons to gain hands-on practical experience.
You will learn about:

  • How early years development, stages of play and reflexes impact on swimming ability
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, health-related conditions and how to respond and adapt to them
  • How to introduce and teach the core aquatic skills in a fun way
  • The different supports and holds to use in lessons
  • The advantages and disadvantages of different types of equipment
  • How to plan, adapt and teach lessons which cater for groups with different levels of ability
  • Key teaching and lesson management skills

Download a PDF of the full SEQ Level 2 Swimming to Babies and Toddlers specification

This qualification has been endorsed as meeting the requirements of the professional standard for the role of a swimming teacher working with children 0-5 years old.


You must be at least 16 years of age and hold the SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming or equivalent Swim England/ASA qualification.