Industry leading insurance for members

You’ll be protected by a comprehensive industry-leading insurance package from the moment you become a member. This is included in your membership and does not cost you anything extra.

Institute of Swimming Teacher Memebrship Insurance
  • £20 million worth of Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance cover

    • We offer the highest level of insurance cover of any aquatics body in the country. This protects you against the ever-increasing costs of insurance claims, disputes and legal expenses. Decide which cover is right for you, download our guide.
Institue of swimming member insurance income support
  • Personal Accident cover

    • We provide up to £50 a week of financial support if you can’t work due to an accident sustained when working as a teacher or when travelling to or from your normal place of work.
    • Please note, Personal Accident cover is for affiliated members who are residents of the UK and the Republic of Ireland between the ages of 16- 80 years. The benefits for anyone over the age of 70 are limited to death, loss of two or more limbs or both eyes or one of each, or loss of one limb or eye.
  • Loss of Income cover – claim income if your regular pool closes, for up to 26 weeks

    • Should you suffer a loss of income (if your regular pool closes due to an insured peril, like a fire) you can claim up to £100 a week for up to 26 weeks to help replace your lost income. This cover does not apply for “communicable diseases” such as Covid-19 or variances of, it also does not apply to pool closure for general repairs, maintenance or refurbishments. 

For greater detail on all insurance visit the Howden microsite for members.



If you are a Swim England member and only teach or coach for your club, you can compare your Club Membership insurance.

Why do I need insurance?

Insuring your career is an essential part of teaching as you are providing a professional service and may be held responsible for an injury to another person or damage to their property.

In circumstances like these, it is essential that you have appropriate insurance protection. Without insurance, you will need to defend yourself, putting your personal wealth at risk.

Becoming a member of the Institute of swimming helps you to manage your insurance risks, so you can concentrate on helping others

How much insurance cover do I need?

By becoming an Institute of Swimming Member, you will receive up to £20 million of cover.

This is set at this level as failure to have adequate limits of indemnity can result in the individual being financially exposed.

Once the limit of indemnity is exhausted by the insurer any amount awarded over this limit is the individual’s responsibility. Therefore if you only have a £10m limit but the judge awards £11.1m you will be expected to pay the £1.1m personally.

There has been a recent change to the way claims are calculated for long-term injuries, which is having a huge impact on the level of awards considered by the courts.

Here is a brief example to show the change:

An adult is disabled in an accident and cannot work again. The court determines she would have earned £20,000 a year until retirement and her medical care is determined to be £100,000 a year.

Under the previous calculation method, the total sum award (consisting of Loss of Earnings and Cost of Care) would be £3,414,350.

With the new method, it would increase to around £8,480,400 – an increase of over £5m.