Learn to Swim

A guide to the Learn to Swim Programme

About the Swim England Learn to Swim companion

Learning to swim is a fantastic experience. It opens up a world of possibilities to both children and adults alike, but it also raises many questions for parents, carers and learners.

As the national governing body for swimming in England, Swim England believes everyone should have the chance to learn to swim, whatever their age. Whether babies, toddlers, older children or adults, the learn to swim companion is here to help the nation take the plunge.

The learn to swim companion dispels myths, offers guidance and answers your questions about learning to swim. These questions include:

  1. Why should children learn to swim? Answer here.
  2. At what age can children learn to swim? Answer here.
  3. How do I know my child is progressing in swimming lessons? Answer here.
  4. How do I prepare my child for his or her first lesson? Answer here.
  5. What is the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme? Answer here.
  6. What badges and certificates are available? Answer here.
  7. Am I too old to learn to swim? Answer here.
  8. How can I overcome a fear of swimming? Answer here.
  9. Is there an adult version of Swim England Learn to Swim? Answer here.

What can I find on the Swim England Learn to Swim Companion

Throughout the Swim England Learn to Swim companion you will find a wealth of information to help you feel more confident about both your own learn to swim journey and your child’s. You will find:

  • All about Swim England certificates and Awards and what adults and children have to do to earn them
  • A dedicated section just for parents
  • Advice and guidance for swimming when pregnant
  • Advice and guidance on baby swimming
  • Tips and support for learners, whatever your age

Each year thousands of people take the plunge and learn how to be confident in the water.

Babies, toddlers, older children right through to adults, everyone can enjoy the benefits of being confident in the water.

We hope this learn to swim companion helps you or your kids on the journey to becoming a swimmer.