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Eight steps to becoming an elite open water swimmer

So you’ve set your sights on becoming an elite open water swimmer?

You’re tempted by thrill of swimming in wild, untamed waters. The idea of battling for two hours for the greatest prize of all – Olympic glory – sends a shiver down your spine.

Well, what’s stopping you from achieving this dream? Let’s get started!

Becoming an elite open water swimmer

We asked the experts from Swim England Open Water Talent for their top tips for becoming an elite open water swimmer.

Take a look at the list below and ask yourself which you haven’t done, which you can improve on, and which you will achieve this season.

  1. Become skilled and proficient in the pool environment.
  2. Enter long distance pool events and improve your rankings in your age group.
  3. Get some open water training in both the outdoor and pool environment with your club.
  4. Enter any well-organised open water events to gain experience and confidence.
  5. Ensure you are technically proficient racing in open water.
  6. Enter your Regional Championships with the aim of finishing in the top three in your age group.
  7. Compete in the National Championships, again aiming to finish in the top three in your age group.
  8. If you don’t succeed in becoming recognised one year do not give up! Keep entering events, improving your technique, and improving your result at the Nationals.