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About the National Masters Championships

Consider yourself an open water master? Then you need to be entering the Swim England Open Water National Masters Championships.

The National Masters Championships is the best chance for club Masters swimmers (aged 18+) to gain bragging rights as the best open water swimmers in the country.

The event has races contested over 2km, 3km and 5km.

Open Water National Masters Championships 2020

This year’s National Masters Championships has been cancelled.

Read our news story about the cancellation to find out more.

Fear not if you’re not already a English club member. Entry is open to Scottish, Welsh and international swimmers, while you can also sign up for temporary membership to compete.

If you’re a Masters swimmer with something to prove, make sure you’re first in line to secure your place in the 2021 event.

What can I expect from the Open Water National Masters Championships?

Entry typically rewards you with a swim cap, temporary tattoo, chip (for timing, not eating), and maybe even a high-five.

Like all our Masters events, there is a fun and competitive atmosphere guaranteed, while this one has the benefit of feeling the sun on your back.

Note: we cannot guarantee sun on anyone’s back. This is England. It will probably be raining.