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Lewis Binning takes gold in boys' 14yrs 1.5k

Lewis Binning of Romford Town won gold in the boys’ 14yrs 1.5k race at the Swim England Open Water Festival 2017.

He was the fastest swimmer overall in the 1.5k race, finishing over 10 seconds ahead of the rest of the field. Binning had just returned from the British Summer Championships at Ponds Forge, but he still looked strong out on Rother Valley lake. He touched in 17:23.80 to take the title.

Binning commented: “It feels brilliant to go out there and get gold. I came here with high hopes for the race. I knew if I pushed for it then I could get a gold, and I did.

“It was tough on the arms out there today, harder than I have ever found it before. It was quite windy out there, but other than that the conditions were perfect.”

Bainbridge wins girls 14 years event

Eleanor Bainbridge won the girls’ 14 years event, going out in wave seven of the competition.

The Ellesmere College swimmer won gold in the 13yrs competition last year, and the 12yrs in 2015 – so she had her sights set on gold from the start.

She touched in 18:12.86 to finish ahead of Wycombe District’s Adel Zakrzewski (18:12.86) and Middlesbrough’s Rachel Bradley (18:15.10).

Hedley and Cooper win 13yrs events

Joe Cooper and Lucy Hedley won their respective 13yrs 1.5k events. Cooper led the charge for the boys, finishing ten seconds ahead of the rest of the field. The Ipswich finished in a time of 18:26.68 to take the boys’ title.

Hedley was the only female swimmer in the age group to go under 19 minutes.

The Tynemouth swimmer finished in a time of 18:59.50, almost seven seconds ahead of Alexandra Palotai-Avella of Bournemouth (19:06.39)

All medallists in the 1.5k event


  • Mackenzie Russell (Guildford City) – boys’ 12yrs gold
  • Isabella Ward (Millfield) – girls’ 12yrs gold
  • Joe Cooper (Team Ipswich) – boys’ 13yrs gold
  • Lucy Hedley (Tynemouth) – girls’ 13yrs gold
  • Lewis Binning (Romford Town) – boys’ 14yrs gold
  • Eleanor Bainbridge (Ellesmere College) – girls’ 14yrs gold


  • Katie Hale (Ellesmere College) – girls’ 12yrs silver
  • Harry Hewitt (Swansea Aquatics) boys’ 12yrs silver
  • Alexandra Palotai-Avella (Bournemouth College) – girls’ 13yrs silver
  • Charles Hazell (Rushmoor) – boys’ 13yrs silver
  • Adel Zakrzewski (Wycombe District) – girls’ 14yrs silver
  • Daniel Donovan (Guildford City) – boys’ 14yrs silver


  • Alexander Cook (Guildford City) – boys’ 12yrs bronze
  • Bobbi Harper (Northampton) – girls’ 12yrs bronze
  • Daniel Cox (Wycombe District) – boys’ 13yrs bronze
  • Jasmine Findlay (Guildford City) – girls’ 13yrs bronze
  • Rachel Bradley (Middlesborough) – girls’ 14yrs bronze
  • Jevon Penny (Northampton) – boys’ 14yrs bronze