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Ceri Edwards wins double gold at FINA World Masters Championships

Ceri Edwards won swimming gold in both the open water and the pool at the FINA World Masters Championships in Gwangju.

The Portsmouth Northsea swimmer began her campaign with the 3,000m open water, competing in a packed field of 23 in the Women’s 40-44 age group.

Edwards was dominant as she finished in 40 minutes 23 seconds to win by more than four minutes.

Her time was the fastest across all women’s age groups, also more than four minutes clear of the winning time in the 25-29 race.

Edwards then sealed her second gold medal in Gwangju, this time at the Nambu University Municipal Aquatics Centre where she won the 800m Freestyle with a dominant performance.

Brits sweep podium

Edwards was one of six Brits to medal in the open water.

Stuart McLellan also won gold, taking out the Men’s 70-74 race.

The Sudbury and District swimmer clocked 48:43.5, winning by almost five minutes.

Otter’s Hayley Davis was just four seconds away from winning gold in the Women’s 35-39 age group.

Davis was pipped to the finish by Spaniard Sabina Martinez Leon, still impressing in 42:21.0 to comfortably seal the silver medal.

In the youngest age group – the Women’s 25-29 – Sabina Heywood won silver.

The Royal Air Force Swim Team member was similarly close to victory, finishing 14 seconds off the lead in 44:57.0.

Otter’s men’s club captain, Pip Bennett, added his club’s second medal of the competition, winning bronze in the Men’s 35-39 race.

Bennett finished in 42:12.1. almost two minutes clear of the fourth-placed swimmer from Ukraine.

Spencer Swim Team’s Tony Cherrington was also among the medals, winning bronze in the Men’s 75-79 age group.

Great Britain results – open water 3,000m

Women’s 60-64 

  • Helen Kula-Przezwanski (Caradon) 5th 48:05.9
  • Jackie Blastland (Cirencester) 8th 54:10.5

Women’s 55-59 

  • Jacqueline Patel (Kings Cormorants) 6th 1:01.21.9

Women’s 50-54

  • Rebecca Stewart (Saxon Crown Lewisham) 49:36.4

Women’s 40-44

  • Ceri Edwards (Portsmouth Northsea) GOLD 40:23.0

Women’s 35-39

  • Hayley Davis (Otter) SILVER 42:21.1
  • Jade Perry (Lomond Swim Club) 6th 48:36.3

Women’s 30-34 

  • Nicola Mackay (Royal Air Force Swim Team) 6th 46:03.5
  • Sophie Trotter (Royal Air Force Swim Team) 8th 47:34.0

Women’s 25-29

  • Sabina Heywood (Royal Air Force Swim Team) SILVER 44:57.0
  • Rosie Isom (Oxford University) 8th 54:45.2
  • Lindsay Ellis (Royal Air Force Swim Team) 10th 59:10.4

Men’s 75-79

  • Tony Cherrington (Spencer Swim Team) BRONZE 54:49.0

Men’s 70-74

  • Stuart John McLellan (Sudbury and District) GOLD 48:43.5
  • Terry Mansi (Sudbury and District) 4th 55:50.0

Men’s 60-64

  • Nick Hunt (Chelmsford City) 14th 54:48.9

Men’s 55-59

  • Wray Shewell-Cooper (Potters Bar) 11th 45:46.3
  • Patrick Allen (Guildford City) 17th 51:40.8
  • Peter John Kendall (Gloucester Masters) 23rd 57:03.4

Men’s 50-54

  • Ian Burns (Jersey) 6th 42:10.4
  • Mark Salway (Mid Sussex Marlins 10th 44:39.5

Men’s 35-39

  • Pip Bennett (Otter) BRONZE 42:12.1

Men’s 30-34

  • John Wood (Bristol Henleaze) 5th 40:20.4
  • Liam Elliott (Royal Air Force Swim Team) 15th 56:39.6

Men’s 25-29 

  • Adam Warner (Barnet Copthall) 5th 41:06.8