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Outdoor pledge

Help fight for cleaner waters, better access and increased safety for open water swimmers.

Despite the ever-growing popularity of the activity, many waterways are off limits or unsafe to swim in. And only 14 per cent of the country’s rivers are in a ‘good’ ecological condition – a figure that has not changed since 2009.

We are urging millions of open water swimmers to join forces and support our fight for:

  • More places to swim outdoors – increase access to outdoor swimming, opening up more venues and open water sports across England
  • Safer waters to explore – support the education of children and adults across the country, teaching them about the importance of water safety
  • Cleaner waters for swimmers – help clean up the country’s rivers, lakes and seas so swimmers can enjoy the water in a safe and healthy way

By signing the pledge, you will be adding your voice to the #EndSewagePollution campaign, a coalition of organisations, including environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs), local campaign groups and national governing bodies that are fighting for cleaner waters.

Your support will help to demonstrate to the Government and water companies the feeling amongst the swimming community and the need for a big change.

Join forces with millions of open water swimmers to support our fight for cleaner waters.

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