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Outdoor swimmers take to social media after reopening day delight

Many swimmers felt the return of some normality on Monday 29 March as outdoor pools and open water venues across the country reopened.

Aligning with the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown, outdoor sports facilities reopened for the first time since the third national lockdown began, and people could not wait to return.

Those who were lucky enough to experience the water took to social media to share their reopening day stories.

For some, it was an emotional return, with Gemma Cannon writing: “It was amazing! Cried a little bit I was so happy 💕💦🏊🏻💕 And accidentally ended up being filmed swimming on local news too!!! #homeiswherethepoolis”

Jo Lee added: “It was actually quite emotional to see our club swimmers and the public back in the water at the Peterborough Lido.

“I was lucky enough to get to watch as the Covid officer. It was an exciting morning for everyone! 💙💛”

Pools offer so much for people’s physical and mental health and this message was again clear.

Polly Shepperdson wrote in her Facebook comment: “Bliss. Heaven. My mental and physical well-being is restored.”

While Instagram user ‘@katietriestorun’ said: “It was exhilarating – felt so free! 🏊🏻 Just what I needed to wash away some stress.”

Swim England’s Value of Swimming research found that 7.5 million people enjoyed swimming in the open air in 2019, and Gillian Selman was a great example.

After swimming at BETTER’S Charlton Lido, she took to Twitter to say: “That first push off the wall and reaching through the water… magical. Shoulders are sore but feel so thankful to everyone that made it happen.”

Hannah Lee was full of praise for Peterborough Lido, who like many other facilities, ‘pulled out all the stops to open weeks ahead of their usual summer schedule’.

“A total credit to the city, kudos to all staff at the facility and club. The lido was used by scores of City of Peterborough club swimmers from 7:30am this morning,” she added.

“After such a bumpy year on the swimming front it was quite an emotional sight. 💛💙”

Looking ahead, indoor pools are set to reopen from Monday 12 April and the national governing body look forward to seeing millions more happy faces as they head back to the water.

Picture credit: Rose Blake Twitter