About the Synchronised Swimming National Age Group Championships

The Swim England Synchronised Swimming National Age Group Championships is the premiere competition for young synchronised swimmers in England.

The Championships are contested over three age groups – 9 – 10 Yrs, 11-12 Yrs and 13-15 Yrs.

Swim England Synchro National Age Group Championships 2019

  • When: 2 – 3 March 2019
  • Where: Manchester
  • Address: Manchester Aquatics Centre, 2 Booth St E, Manchester, M13 9SS
  • Entries: Closed. Find out more on our Competitor Entry page
  • Tickets: Available in advance or on the door – find out more on our Spectator Information page
  • Social: follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates about the event or join the conversation by using the hashtag #SESynchro

What can I expect from the National Age Group Synchronised Swimming Championships?

The National Age Group Championships are a festive feast of synchronised swimming, with the largest number of competitors of any domestic synchro event.

There are four types of competition at the National Age Group Championships:

  1. All athletes will begin the competition by completing Figures where they will receive a score based on their performance of four ‘figures‘ which increase in difficulty for each age group.
  2. The Solo competition is open to the top 12 athletes from these figures rankings who wish to enter in each age group.
  3. The Duet competition is open to the top 12 athletes, and Mixed Duet competition is open to all athletes, but pairs must consist of two swimmers from the same club for both competitions.
  4. The Team competition features between four and eight swimmers, and the Combo competition features between six and ten swimmers (all from the same club in both competitions).

The top athletes will often aim for the ‘clean sweep’ of golds over Solo, Duet and Team for their age group.

While it didn’t happen in 2018, there were impressive performances by Carla Pietrafesa (U12), Roybn Swatman (13-15) and Greta Hampson (15-18) as they won Solo and either Duet or Team golds respectively.

  • Read reports and view results from the 2018 event on our news pages.

What is the format of the competition?

While there are time limits on the solo, duet and team routines, there are no required elements which swimmers must perform.

Routines will be judged based on three degrees of Technical Merit (Execution, Synchronicity, Difficulty) and three degrees of Artistic Impression (Choreography, Interpretation, Presentation).

The score for each athlete’s routine is then added to their original figures score for an overall score from which the final rankings are based.

The figures scores for duets and teams are the average calculated from the swimmers competing in that respective duet or team.