About the Swim England Synchro National Championships

The Swim England Synchro National Championships are the highest level of domestic competition for English synchronised swimmers.

The historic competition features technical and free routine competitions for Solo, Duet and Team events.

The event has been known as the British Synchronised Swimming Championships in the past.

Some of Swim England’s most prestigious trophies – including the Redwood Trophy – have been awarded at the Championships for decades.

Swim England Synchro National Championships 2020

What can I expect from the National Synchronised Swimming Championships?

Simply put, England’s top senior and junior (15 years or older) synchronised swimmers at the top of their game.

Titles are contested in the following events:

  1. Technical Solo
  2. Free Solo
  3. Technical Duet
  4. Technical Mixed (one male and one female) Duet
  5. Free Duet
  6. Free Mixed (one male and one female) Duet
  7. Technical Team
  8. Free Team
  9. Free Combination

In 2019, the Redwood Trophy went to Reading Royals for the first time in almost 20 years.

Isobel Blinkhorn and Cerys Larsen won gold for Reading in the Free Duet Free, while Greta Hampson retained her titles in the Tech and Free Solo.

What is the format of the Championships?

All events are held independently.

For the technical routines, swimmers must performed a predetermined list of elements in a certain order and within a certain time limit.

While there are time limits on the free routines, there are no required elements which swimmers must perform.

Routines will be judged based on three degrees of Technical Merit (Execution, Synchronicity, Difficulty) and three degrees of Artistic Impression (Choreography, Interpretation, Presentation).