Girls' U16 Inter Regionals: Live Scoreboard

Division 1 and 2 of the U16 Girls Inter-Regional Championships took place on 6 – 7 July.

Division 1 took place at Palatine Leisure Centre, hosted by the North West region.

Division 2 took place at Walsall Gala Baths, hosted by the West Midland region.

View results from both divisions below.

Division One

Fixtures & Results
North West Thunder5 – 5LondonFT
South West9 – 29North East SteelersFT
North West Thunder11 – 8South East AnderidaFT
London11 – 19North East SteelersFT
South West6 – 18South East AnderidaFT
London12 – 2South WestFT
North East Steelers15 – 5South East AnderidaFT
North West Thunder19 – 6South WestFT
London4 – 8South East AnderidaFT
North West Thunder14 – 12North East SteelersFT
League Table
North West Thunder4310187
North East Steelers4301366
South East Anderida420234
South West4004-550

Division Two

Fixtures & Results
West Midlands7 – 7North West LightningFT
East Angels7 – 7Scotland SaltiresFT
Ireland10 – 3East MidlandsFT
North West Lightning15 – 4South East SolentFT
East Midlands9 – 1East AngelsFT
Scotland Saltires5 – 8West MidlandsFT
Ireland17 – 3North West LightningFT
East Angels14 – 5South East SolentFT
East Midlands10 – 1Scotland SaltiresFT
East Angels8 – 13North West LightningFT
Ireland18 – 0Scotland SaltiresFT
West Midlands10 – 4South East SolentFT
Ireland15 – 3West MidlandsFT
East Midlands11 – 0South East SolentFT
Scotland Saltires6 – 7North West LightningFT
West Midlands2 – 6East AngelsFT
South East Solent3 – 15IrelandFT
North West Lightning3 – 10East MidlandsFT
East Angels3 – 13IrelandFT
South East Solent7 – 8Scotland SaltiresFT
West Midlands2 – 8East MidlandsFT
League Table
East Midlands65013410
North West Lightning6312-47
East Angels6213-105
West Midlands6213-135
Scotland Saltires6114-303
South East Solent6006-500