U14s Boys' Inter-Regional Championships: Live Scoreboard

The U14 Boys’ Inter-Regional Championships will take place at Walsall Gala Baths this weekend.

Defending champions West Midlands will be hoping to make the most of home advantage at the event, which takes place on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 December.

Ten teams will compete in two groups of five on Saturday, before the play-offs, semi-finals and final on Sunday.

Refresh your page for the latest results from Walsall.

Group A

Fixtures & Results
South West11 – 4West MidlandsFT
London11 – 3North West RavensFT
South West16 – 1ScotlandFT
West Midlands9 – 0North West RavensFT
Scotland1 – 14LondonFT
North West Ravens0 – 11South WestFT
North West Ravens8 – 9ScotlandFT
London8 – 5West MidlandsFT
South West6 – 4LondonFT
Scotland0 – 8West MidlandsFT
League Table
South West4400358
West Midlands420274
North West Ravens4004-290

Group B

Fixtures & Results
East5 – 4East MidlandsFT
Wales1 – 15North West TigersFT
East3 – 9North East SteelersFT
East Midlands3 – 5North West TigersFT
North East Steelers19 – 2WalesFT
North West Tigers3 – 7EastFT
North West Tigers7 – 13North East SteelersFT
Wales1 – 12East MidlandsFT
North East Steelers10 – 3East MidlandsFT
East9 – 2WalesFT
League Table
North East Steelers4400368
North West Tigers420264
East Midlands410312


Semi Finals
South West12 – 6EastFT
North East Steelers14 – 16London FT
9-10 Playoff
North West Ravens 13 – 4WalesFT
7-8 Playoff
Scotland 2 – 3East MidlandsFT
5-6 Playoff
West Midlands6 – 11North West Tigers FT
Bronze Match
East4 – 16North East FT
South West9 – 5London FT