Girls' U18 Inter Regional Championships 2020: Live Scoreboard

The Swim England Water Polo Girls’ U18 Inter Regional Championships 2020 take place on 25 – 26 January.

Division One is hosted by the North West region at East Manchester Leisure Centre and features a round-robin between the five teams.

Division Two is hosted by the West Midlands region at Walsall Gala Baths. Two group stages will take place on the Saturday before a playoff stage on the Sunday.

View results from the Swim England Water Polo Girls’ U18 Inter Regional Championships 2020 below.

Division One

Fixtures & Results
South East AnderidavNorth West Thunder14:10
North East SteelersvIreland15:20
South East AnderidavSouth West Sharks16:30
North West ThundervIreland17:40
North East SteelersvSouth West Sharks18:50
South East AnderidavIreland09:10
North West ThundervNorth East Steelers10:20
South West SharksvIreland11:30
South East AnderidavNorth East Steelers12:40
South West SharksvNorth West Thunder13:50
League Table
North East Steelers000000
North West Thunder000000
South East Anderida000000
South West Sharks000000

Division Two

Fixtures & Results
West MidlandsvScotland Saltires12:30
East MidlandsvLondon Sharks13:20
West MidlandsvNorth West Lightning14:10
Scotland SaltiresvEast Angels15:00
East MidlandsvWales15:50
Scotland SaltiresvNorth West Lightning16:40
West MidlandsvEast Angels17:30
London SharksvWales18:20
North West LightningvEast Angels19:10
Group B
West Midlands000000
North West Lightning000000
Scotland Saltires000000
East Angels000000
Group C
East Midlands000000
London Sharks000000
5-7 Playoff
Group B 3rdvGroup B 4th09:10
Group C 3rdvGroup B 4th10:50
Group B 3rdvGroup C 3rd12:30
Semi Finals
Group B 1stvGroup C 2nd10:00
Group C 1stvGroup B 2nd11:40
Bronze Match
SF1 LoservSF2 Loser13:20
SF1 WinnervSF2 Winner14:10