Find Swim England water polo clubs

Around 15,000 people play in water polo clubs in the UK across all levels. Add to that number by joining one of the many Swim England-registered water polo clubs in England.

It could be your first step towards getting into Swim England Talent Squads.

Two ways to find water polo clubs

  • Scroll down and use our water polo club look up below.
  • Go our Contacts page here and send an email to one of our regional water polo contacts.

Swim England Water Polo Clubs Look-Up

Type your area in the search box and it will filter as you type. Or you can choose to list up to 100 clubs at a time on the page and look through.

We have listed website addresses of clubs as the first contact point. This is because clubs can operate out of more than one pool and have multiple contact details.

If you are one of Swim England’s water polo clubs and not listed here, please contact the digital team for inclusion.

Barnet Water Polo Club
Beckenham SC
Citizens Water Polo Club
Croydon Amphibians SC
Ealing SC
Eastern Otters Water Polo Club London
Hornchurch SC
Kingston Royals SC
Whitgift Trinity Narwhals Water Polo Club
Otter SC
Polytechnic S&WP Club
Avondale Water Polo
West London Penguin Swimming and Water Polo
Sutton & Cheam
London Borough of Enfield WPChttp://www.londonwaterpolo.comMiddlesex
Haringey Aquatics
Out To Swim
Stock Exchange SC
Old Mid Whitgiftian SC
Old Whitgiftians SC
South London Open Water SC