Pathway Coach Development Programme

Swim England Talent’s Pathway Coach Development Programme is a unique development learning programme aimed at those coaching ‘age group’ athletes (10 – 14 years) in the Swim England Pathway.

The programme comprises five workshops, peer mentoring sessions and performance programme observation visits.

The content delivered through the workshops and mentoring sessions will be a blend of technical and soft skill delivery.

Pathway Coach Development Programme 2018-2019

The following coaches were selected on to the programme for 2018 – 2019.

  • Marc Foster (Ellesmere SC)
  • Chris Littler (City of Birmingham SC)
  • Joshua Atkins (Wycombe)
  • Matthew Smithurst (Sevenoaks SC)
  • Rachel Aldington (Millfield School)
  • Greg King (Mount Kelly)
  • James Richards (City of Gloucester SC)
  • Catalina Arasa (City of Leicester SC)
  • Jess Wilkie (Preston SC)
  • Karen Pinniger (City of Norwich SC)
  • Matthew Williams (Hillingdon SC)
  • Gavin Povall (Waltham Forest)
  • Kevin Schofield (Leeds)
  • Marc Williams (Bristol)
  • Lesley Batson (Putteridge)
  • Emily Dart (Truro)
  • Craig Oliver (Aylesbury)

About the Pathway Coach Development Programme

The Pathway Coach Development Programme will feature five one-day workshops over a 14 month period. These will include:

  • Self-awareness and reflective practice
  • Coach athlete relationships and getting to know each other
  • ‘World Class’ starts, turns and underwaters
  • ‘World Class’ planning principles for long term gain
  • Staying connected; communication and leadership styles

Coaches will be expected to attend and contribute to up to three ‘Peer Coaching Mentoring’ sessions.

There will also be opportunities to observe and participate in coaching sessions at Performance Swimming Environments across England.

Further Information

Have a question about the Pathway Coach Development Programme? Get in touch with Swim England Coach Development Manager Joanna Jones:

Phone: 07583 065254