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5 steps for getting started in para-swimming

Get Started

Do you want to know more about getting started in para-swimming? Or maybe you have your heart set on becoming a para-swimmer in England?

Read on to find out how you can achieve your dream.

Getting started in a para-swimming in England

There are five key steps on the pathway to becoming a para-swimmer.

Many of England’s top Paralympic swimmers will have taken these steps on their journey to the top of the sport.

  1. Get in touch and let us help with specific advice for you.
  2. Sign up for an assessment with Swim England qualified coaches at a Start Para-Swimming Centre.
  3. Find a club to train and compete with like-minded swimmers and para-swimmers
  4. Apply for classification to compete in regional, national and international competitions.
  5. Set yourself goals and work hard with your coach to reach them.

Get in Touch

Not sure what level of para-swimmer you are, or even if you qualify as a para-swimmer? Let us help you!

Whether you’re a recreational swimmer, a complete newcomer to the sport (or to the pool!), or already at a club, our ID Tracker form can help you.

Head over to the form now and fill it in, and we’ll be back in touch with specific advice to help you take the next step forward.

Start Para-Swimming

Our Start Para-Swimming centres will provide support and advice from Swim England qualified coaches.

Find out more about our Start Para-Swimming programme.

Find A Club

Club coaches will give you specific advice and coaching to improve your swimming. There are also huge benefits to training with like-minded swimmers and being part of a team.

Swimmers with disabilities are encouraged to join nearly all mainstream clubs – head to our Find A Club page to find out more.

Get Classified

You’ll need to be classified to swim in any competitions in England as a para-swimmer. Your times will be compared to other swimmers in your class, or you will score a points total, based on your performance relative to the world record in your class.

Head to our para-swimming classification page for more information.

Set Your Goals

An important part of progress for anything in life is setting goals and working hard to reach them. You might already know that your goal is to compete at the Paralympic Games – but what is the first step on that journey?

Why not download the qualification times for the next Paralympic Games, put them on your wall, and use them as motivation every time you get up for swimming practice? Then get plenty of competitive experience as you build up to these standard.

If you have questions about para-swimming in England, let us know by getting in touch on [email protected].