Live Water Polo U16 Girls Inter-Regional Championships 2023

Nine teams will be bidding to be crowned U16 Girls Inter-Regional champions at the Liverpool Aquatics Centre this weekend.

The North West Region is hosting the event on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June.

Five teams – North West Thunder, West Midlands Warriors, East Midlands, North East Steelers and London Sharks – will contest the Group A games.

In Group B are Scotland, East Angels, South East Anderida and South West Sharks.

The group games take place on Saturday 24 June with the top two from each contesting the semi-finals on Sunday 25 June.

It is first time this age group (born 2008 and under) has contested the Inter-Regional Championships as the 2021 competition was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The top five teams will form Division One for the U18 Girls Inter-Regional Championships 2025, subject to entries.

London Sharks10 – 4West Midlands WarriorsFT
East Midlands11 – 5North East SteelersFT
Scotland6 – 9South West SharksFT
North West Thunder17 – 1West Midlands WarriorsFT
London Sharks10 – 8East MidlandsFT
Scotland12 – 5East AngelsFT
South East Anderida3 – 1South West SharksFT
North West Thunder15 – 3North East SteelersFT
West Midlands Warriors5 – 6East MidlandsFT
Scotland3 – 3South East AnderidaFT
East Angels4 – 12South West SharksFT
West Midlands Warriors9 – 10North East SteelersFT
London Sharks5 – 14North West ThunderFT
East Angels1 – 12South East AnderidaFT
North East Steelers6 – 9London SharksFT
North West Thunder10 – 2East MidlandsFT
Group A Team
North West Thunder4400458
London Sharks430126
East Midlands4202-34
North East Steelers4103-202
West Midlands Warriors4004-240
Group B Team
South East Anderida3210135
South West Sharks320194
East Angels3003-260
Play-Off Stage 5th-9th Play-off
West Midland Warriors 9 – 7East AngelsFT
North East Steelers10 – 10Scotland Saltires FT
East Midlands9 – 7East AngelsFT
West Midland Warriors 7 – 13Scotland Saltires FT
North East Steelers12 – 12East AngelsFT
East Midlands7 – 13Scotland Saltires FT
Semi Finals
North West Thunder5 – 7South West SharksFT
South East13 – 8London SharksFT
Bronze Medal Match
North West Thunder16 – 7London SharksFT
Gold Medal Match
South West Sharks15 – 17South EastFT
5th - 9th Play Off
Scotland Saltires4310197
East Midlands430136
North East Steelers4121-54
West Midlands Warriors4103-62
East Angels4013-111