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U18s' Boys Inter-Regionals Championships 2022 live scoreboard

The U18s Boys’ Inter-Regional Championships are taking place on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 March.

North East Steelers, East, North West Tigers, South Weest Sharks and London Sharks are all in action in Division One hosted by the hosted by the North West Region at Palatine Leisure Centre, Blackpool. 

The Division Two matches between South East, East Midlands, Wales, West Midlands and Scotland Saltires are being hosted by the East Region at the Watford Leisure Centre.  

These divisions are based on the final places at the at the U14s (2005 and younger) championships as they did not compete at U16s level due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fixtures & Results
Saturday 26 March
North East Steelers18 – 10EastFT
South West Sharks15 – 8North West TigersFT
North East Steelers13 – 8London SharksFT
East8 – 12North West TigersFT
South West Sharks3 – 2London SharksFT
Sunday 27 March
East12 – 17London SharksFT
North East Steelers12 – 11North West TigersFT
East5 – 20South West SharksFT
London Sharks8 – 6North West TigersFT
North East Steelers10 – 22South West SharksFT
Fixtures & Results
Saturday 26 March
Wales8 – 16Scotland SaltiresFT
West Midlands6 – 10East MidlandsFT
South East8 – 6Scotland SaltiresFT
West Midlands13 – 9WalesFT
South East4 – 6East MidlandsFT
West Midlands10 – 2Scotland SaltiresFT
South East18 – 1WalesFT
Sunday 27 March
East Midlands14 – 5Scotland SaltiresFT
South East5 – 15West MidlandsFT
East Midlands23 – 5WalesFT
Division 1
South West Sharks4400358
North East Steelers430126
London Sharks420214
North West Tigers4103-62
Division 2
East Midlands4400338
West Midlands4301186
South East420274
Scotland Saltires4103-112