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Salary Checker is simple tool to discover what the average rate of pay is for teachers, coaches and other aquatics professionals.

If you are seeking to become a swimming instructor, teacher or coach, Salary Checker will give you an idea of the average hourly rate paid across all employers.

Already employed? Then find out if you are getting your market value either as a qualified or entry level employee.

At the top you will find the average hourly rate by job role across all employers. Below that we have broken them down by employer type.

Please note Salary Checker should only be used as a general guide to average hourly rates.

All employer average

L1 Swimming Teacher (assistant)£11.26
L2 Swimming Teacher£16.52
L3 Swim Coordinators£15.05
Adult and Child Swimming Teachers£16.94
Disability Teachers£15.78
Support Workforce (i.e. poolside assistant)£9.24
GP exercise referral instructors£15.10


L1 Swimming Teacher (assistant)£11.18
L2 Swimming Teacher£15.43
L3 Swim Coordinators£19.91
Adult and Child Swimming Teachers£12.83
Assistant Coach£13.39
Senior Coach£21.66
Support Workforce (i.e. poolside assistant)£9.94
Sport Science and Medicine Practitioners£25.93

Educational facility operators

L1 Swimming Teacher (assistant)£11.51
L2 Swimming Teacher£18.26
L3 Swim Coordinators£12.83
Adult and Child Swimming Teachers£15.95
Disability Teachers£13.00
Support Workforce (i.e. poolside assistant)£10.04

Other operators, i.e. trusts

L1 Swimming Teacher (assistant)£10.62
L2 Swimming Teacher£14.49
L3 Swim Coordinators£11.79
Adult and Child Swimming Teachers£14.79
Disability Teachers£14.84
Support Workforce (i.e. poolside assistant)£9.12
GP exercise referral instructors£18.00

Local Authority operators

L1 Swimming Teacher (assistant)£10.74
L2 Swimming Teacher£13.28
L3 Swim Coordinators£13.14
Adult and Child Swimming Teachers£13.88
Disability Teachers£13.63
Support Workforce (i.e. poolside assistant)£10.96
GP exercise referral instructors£12.24

Private Swim Schools

L1 Swimming Teacher (assistant)£11.91
L2 Swimming Teacher£19.08
L3 Swim Coordinators£16.25
Adult and Child Swimming Teachers£19.05
Disability Teachers£18.22
Support Workforce (i.e. poolside assistant)£8.92