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A second gold for Laugher at Gold Coast 2018

Jack Laugher revealed his pride at securing his second gold medal of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games – as he made up for the heartbreak of four years ago.

In Glasgow, Laugher had to settle for a silver in the 3m springboard. This time round he finished 66.70 points clear of the rest of the field as he made amends in style in Australia.

Laugher put in some huge dives with his highest degree of difficulty rating being 3.9. The forward two and a half somersault with three twists was the hardest dive of the competition and scored him 85.80.

His best dive, a forward four and a half somersault in tuck scored 95.00 points, the highest scoring dive of the event. After the final round, Laugher’s total stood at 519.40.

Canada’s Philippe Gagne was second with a score of 452.70, while James Connor from Australia took the bronze medal with a score of 438.50.

Laugher said: “I’m really proud, especially after the heartbreaking second place at Glasgow. I’m really pleased to come out here, outdoors at night and nail the competition. It’s my first ever 3m Commonwealth title and the one that probably does mean the most to me.

“I have a lot of experience in the 3m, so I’ve pulled on that a lot. I’ve worked really hard with my strength and conditioning team, diving coach, physios, massage, everything to get me into great shape for here. 520 points, outside, at night, with all the pressures of going for that title… I’m really happy.

“I’m blessed that we’ve got such a good system around us in the UK and in England. A massive thank you to everyone that has got me here, Lucy Gledhill my physio and Adam Smallwood my coach. They are amazing people and I’m really happy with them and everything they have done for me.”

Haslam brothers compete at second final of the Games

Brothers Jack and Ross Haslam both competed in the same 3m springboard final.

Ross, the younger of the two, finished in fourth position with a score of 432.45. He showed us what he was really capable of with his final dive, a forward two and a half somersault with two twists that scored 83.30.

Jack Haslam finished with a total score of 389.00 which left him in eighth position.