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Beatrice Mills-Hargreaves wins second gold in dramatic finale

Beatrice Mills-Hargreaves won the final gold medal of the Swim England Diving National Age Group Championships in a dramatic finale.

The City of Leeds diver had climbed to the top spot following an impressive final dive – a forward one-and-a-half somersaults with one twist worth 39.60 – in the Girls 14-15 Years Platform.

But City of Sheffield’s Katie Garner was still left to jump and could have won the title with a score higher than 36.95.

But she only managed 21.00 for her back two-and-a-half somersaults in tuck position to finish on 215.20 – 15.95 points behind Mills-Hargreaves (231.15).

Mills-Hargreaves, who won the 1m title on day three of the championships, said: “I stayed quite calm until my dive got changed slightly, but I kept my head down and worked my way through it. It ended up going great.

“I was on the board and I was feeling butterflies, but I just went for it.

“It’s just another competition, it could’ve been any other day and I would’ve done the same as what I did.

“I was not expecting to do very well at all, because training was not going the greatest. However, it went great.

“You’ve just got to get yourself hyped and the adrenaline comes in. You’ve got to remember that in competition, you’ll get sharper and faster and the adrenaline kicks in.

“I was expecting top 10 from all three boards but to get this [two golds] is amazing.”

The lead had switched hands several times during the six-round contest between Mills-Hargreaves and Garner.

Southampton Diving Academy’s Emma Bolton was the bronze medallist with a score of 199.55.

She was seventh with two rounds remaining but her fifth dive – an inward two-and-a-half somersaults in tuck position – earned 41.85 to take her third.

Photos: Will Johnston Photography