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England's Ben Cutmore: ‘I used to travel over an hour to train and it's paid off'

With a home Commonwealth Games just around the corner, we take a look at the athletes who will be competing for Team England this summer.

Team England diver Ben Cutmore explained to us how he had to travel for over an hour just to train on the 10m board.

Cutmore will be competing at this summer’s games in both the Men’s and Mixed Synchronised Platform events from ten metre’s told us that all the time spent as a youngster travelling has paid off.

“I’m over the moon to make the squad.

“I can’t really put it into words to be honest because obviously I came into this season hoping to qualify for a spot but it was never a 100% guaranteed.”

Cutmore will also be competing in the Mixed 3m Synchronised Springboard in what will be his first multi-sport games and is happy that his performances are being recognised.

“It’s good to know that I’m performing well and that people can see that.

“Making the squad was always a target that I thought I could reach but I wasn’t really expecting it so to reach it has made me very happy.”

The 19-year-old from Cambridge swapped his hometown for London but explained to us about his journey in the sport and how he used to travel from Cambridge to Southend to train on the higher platforms.

“I started diving with Cambridge, close to where I live.

“I was there for five years but the Cambridge pool only has one, three and a five metre boards.

“But I wanted to become a ten metre diver but to do it with Cambridge it meant I had to travel to Southend every Saturday just to learn at both 7.5 metres and the ten.

“My parents, especially my mum, took me in the car to Southend every Saturday just to train so I have to thank them massively for helping me to get to where I am.”

He’s since moved on to Luton and now trains at the famous London Aquatics Centre for Dive London alongside the likes of Olympic Champions Tom Daley and Matty Lee.

Cutmore wanted to take the time to thank all the clubs that have helped him on his way to being selected for Team England.

He said: “I have to thank and support all the local clubs and communities across the UK that have helped me and for giving me the opportunity.

“Without them I wouldn’t be here so just thank you for everything.”

Taking in the knowledge

In his first year as a senior athlete, Cutmore has had a busy season thus far but his talent is already clear to see.

Cutmore finished fifth in the men’s platform final at this year’s British Championships, just one place behind his Commonwealth Games synchro partner Kyle Kothari.

The duo then combined for silver in the men’s platform synchro final before doing the same at the Calgary Diving Grand Prix in June.

The pair will team up again at the games and reflecting on his packed year so far Cutmore said: “It’s been crazy, because as it’s my first year as a senior athlete I was kind of expecting just to sit back and learn how to compete this year.

“I wasn’t thinking I was going to actually be heading to these big events, being selected and being expected to perform in them.

“So far I think I’ve done quite well in them, I’m very comfortable in how my dives are going and I’m comfortable with myself so everything’s looking bright for the future.”

The diving team as a whole have become a really close group, something which is helping Cutmore prepare for the games by taking in the knowledge from the more senior members of the squad.

“They’re all really inspiring and we’re all really close friends as well.

“I think to be able to speak to them not just as an outside point of view but as an insider and as a friend will be great for me to get more information and tips of how to compete at a multi-sport games.

“It’s very comforting for me going into the Commonwealth Games because it doesn’t feel as daunting as I already know what to expect before I’ve even been thanks to their advice.”

‘We all really have a chance to inspire people’

With the games being on home turf and in front of the eyes of the nation, Cutmore believes he and the rest of the team can be an inspiration to those watching at home.

“The games absolutely will help people get into diving more.

“There will be so many youngsters watching from all over the country, watching diving and watching all of the other sports as well.

“All of us competing really do have the chance to inspire people to get into diving and sport in general.”

He wanted to send this message out to anyone that’s thinking of taking up the sport.

“To get into diving you’ve just got to try it.

“It’s one of those things where you can’t think about it and you can’t build it up.

“You’ve just got to turn up one day and if you love it, you love it and if you don’t, don’t worry about it.”

You can see Team England’s full diving squad here.

Photo credit Team England.