Close finish in Boys’ Group B Platform at NAG Champs

There was only 0.65 points separating gold and silver in the Boys’ Group B Platform event on the second day of the Swim England Diving National Age Group Championships.

City of Sheffield diver Elliott Dillan’s clean and consistent performance saw him clinch the title with a score of 258.65.

Ethan Jones, of Albatross Diving Club Reading, finished agonisingly close in second with a total of 258.00 points. His stand out dive was a back 1½ somersault with 2½ twists, which scored him an impressive 56.00 points – the highest scoring dive of the event.

Jones’ fellow Albatross Diving Club member, Quinn Shaw, took the bronze medal with 240.85 points.

Malcom Green, Albatross Diving Club coach for Jones and Shaw said: “I think they both had a very good competition.

“Quinn’s dives were really good, just dropped his optionals a bit. Ethan was very consistent throughout.

“They both deserved the medals they got.”

Second gold for City of Sheffield

Amelia Scott secured another gold for City of Sheffield in the Girls’ Group B 3m event.

Scott saved her best for last as her back 2½ somersault in tuck scored 44.80 points and took her total to 259.60.

Cambridge Dive Team’s Frankie Webb took the silver with 255.45 points, almost 10 points ahead of Crystal Palace’s Louisa Job, who finished on 245.95.

Georgia Davenport, Scott’s coach, said: “A really good performance by Amelia. She got a PB and it’s her first time in Group B category so it’s a really nice surprise for her.”

Diver at Swim England Diving National Age Group Championships

Anderson triumphs in Girls’ Group A 1m Springboard

Ella Anderson won gold for Southampton Diving Club in the Girls’ Group A 1m Springboard event with 265.85 points.

Her best dive by a cool six points was her inward 1½ somersault in pike which scored her 44.40 points.

Crystal Palace’s Anna Bradescu finished in silver position with 262.50 points while City of Leeds diver Saffron Butler won the bronze with 251.56 points.

Silver and bronze for Crystal Palace

City of Sheffield diver, Theo Wellington took the gold medal with his final dive in the Boys’ Group D 3m Springboard.

His forward 2½ somersault in pike scored 42.00 points to leave him with a finishing score of 183.65.

Toby Murrison-Waller, from Crystal Palace, was in pole position going into the final dive.  But his forward 2½ somersault in pike only scored 36.30 and left him in second position on 178.05 points.

Team mate Lucas Clayton finished in bronze position with 169.25.

Guest diver Zac Pollard, from DuDive Dubai, finished with a total of 187.75 points but did not take home a guest medal.

Image credit: Will Johnston