Diving Virtual Talent Search - Level 2

Congratulations on qualifying onto Level 2 of the Diving Virtual Talent Search.

Follow the exercises on this page to be able to progress onto Level 3.

Exercise 1 – Shapes

Exercise 2 – Plank and Press up

Exercise 3 – Dish Side Rolls

Exercise 4 – Power Jumps

Exercise 5 – Arabesque T Arms Both Legs

Exercise 6 – Shoulder Roll Single Leg Stand

Exercise 7 – Headstand Routine

Exercise 8 – Handstand to wall

Filming and submission tips

  • The video must be filmed in landscape.
  • Participants must hold a sign up to the camera with their name on at the start of each video.
  • Participants must make sure their full body can be seen clearly on their video.
  • Participants must have ankles, knees and arms visible for each drill.
  • Participants will need to be in bare feet.
  • Participants must ensure that they have sufficient space around them to perform the skill safely.
  • Videos must be uploaded with the participants name in the title with the participants name.
  • If participants are unable perform some of the skills they are permitted to skip or modify the skill and submit videos for the skills they can perform.

Click the button below to submit your videos to us!

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].