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No sibling rivalry for English diving brothers

Brothers Jack and Ross Haslam say there will no sibling rivalry when they compete in the individual diving events at the Commonwealth Games.

The duo said it’s ‘exciting’ after they were both selected for the Team England diving squad for the Games on Australia’s Gold Coast.

But they won’t be trying to ‘get one up on each other’ when the diving competition gets underway on Wednesday, 11 April.

Ross Haslam
  • Date of Birth: 02/10/1997
  • Club: City of Sheffield Diving Club
  • Coach: Tom Owens
  • CWG: Making debut at Gold Coast 2018.

Ross said: “We were both hoping that it could happen and both hoping that we could get to it but it’s actually reality now. We’re buzzing –  just can’t wait to get out there and do our thing.

“A lot of people expect us to be really competitive and want to get one up on each other. But in diving, I just want him to do well. If we both do well, it’s the best-case scenario.

“If we play any other games, I want to win everything but in diving, if he comes above me I’m happy for him and if I come above him he’s happy for me.

Jack Haslam
  • Date of Birth: 09/08/1995
  • Club: City of Sheffield Diving Club
  • Coach: Tom Owens
  • CWG: Making debut at Gold Coast 2018.

Jack added: “It’s exciting being on the same team. We both had the goal to get here, so for us to both do it and go out together and compete together is kind of surreal really but such an exciting thing to do.

“With diving, because it’s an individual sport, what I do in my event doesn’t affect him. Ross does his thing and I do mine.

“If you see your brother not enjoying himself and not doing as well it is a bit upsetting. Bit you try and zone it out and do your thing. You can always have a chat after the event if you want to.”

We have no advantage

As for the synchro diving, Jack said being brothers won’t give them any kind of advantage over the rest of the field – although it has helped them both to progress as divers.

“Before we came together as a pair, some of my strengths and Ross’s weakness were a bit different,” said Jack.

“His front and double out were better and I struggled a bit more with those dives in the past.

“Working together has really helped us both to progress. I wouldn’t say there were any psychic abilities but it’s definitely helped both of our diving.

“The other thing is we get along well. We can tell each other straight if one’s annoying the other or if someone’s  doing it wrong. There’s no hiding from that. You can tell each everything – it’s good.”