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Level X Diving 2021

Level X Diving 2021 is designed to take place within a club training environment and is open to all Swim England clubs and Category 2 divers, or Scottish Swimming and Swim Wales equivalent.

Level X Diving provides an opportunity for divers to practice key skills within the comfort of their own clubs. There are three standalone Phases, with four skill Levels for divers to take part in depending on their ability, structured within specific individual ages and gender groups.

At the end of each Phase, Swim England will celebrate divers’ success and achievements. A Level X Diving Hall of Fame will be published at the end of each Phase, which will showcase participating clubs’ top males and top females for each Level and Age Group.

For more detailed information, please see the Level X Diving Entry Pack.


Phase 11 June – 27 June
Phase 228 June – 25 July
Phase 326 July – 22 August