Pathway divers head to Sandwell for three-day training camp

More than 40 of Great Britain’s up and coming divers are heading to the Sandwell Aquatics Centre for a three-day training camp this weekend.

Athletes from Swim England’s Team Y and Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) programme, as well as some of British Swimming’s Podium Potential squad, will come together for a pathway camp that aims to prepare the athletes ahead of a packed schedule of events later this year.

The camp, which runs from Friday 1 – Sunday 3 March, incorporates both junior and senior athletes which will allow for the younger divers to learn and interact with those that have already represented Great Britain on the international stage.

Like the four-day pathway training camp in October, the divers will get the chance to take full advantage of the facility in Birmingham that was built ahead of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Amongst those heading to Sandwell are Commonwealth Games medallist, Amy Rollinson, and European Games silver medallist, Robbie Lee.

Athletes will be put into training groups and will undergo a number of workshops as well as continuing their preparation for future competitions throughout the weekend in the Midlands.

They will be supported by a full team of some of the nation’s top coaches and a full sport science and medicine team across the three days.

“An exciting camp”

Educational workshops at the camp will include sessions on physio and injuries, health and robustness, risk and fear as well as a session on UK Anti-Doping.

Alongside the workshops, they will also take part in a number of dryland and in-pool training sessions where they can work with both their own coach and learn from the athletes around them.

Speaking ahead of the camp, Swim England Diving programme lead, Connie Ford, said: “I’m really looking forward to what is shaping up to be a very exciting camp.

“The pathway camp late last year was a real positive experience for everyone involved, particularly for our younger divers who learnt a lot just by being around the more experienced athletes.

“We’ve got a number of workshops and sessions planned that we hope will be a big benefit for all the athletes as they prepare for their target events in the coming months.”

You can find out more about the Swim England Diving talent pathway here.

Divers on the pathway diving camp at Sandwell Aquatics Centre, Friday 1 – Sunday 3 March:

  • Leon Baker, British Swimming Podium Potential
  • Noah Bartle, Team Y Development
  • Desharne Bent-Ashmeil, British Swimming Podium Potential
  • Archie Biggin, Team Y
  • Maisie Bond, DiSE and British Swimming Podium Potential
  • Hannah Blake, DiSE
  • Tilly Brown, British Swimming Podium Potential
  • Lois Bruce, Team Y
  • Lily Chandler, DiSE
  • Lexie Clarke, Team Y
  • Lucas Clayton, DiSE
  • Alex Cookson, DiSE
  • Caitlyn Coster, Team Y
  • Scarlet D’Mellow, Team Y
  • Libby Duke, British Swimming Development
  • Jorden Fisher-Eames, British Swimming Podium Potential
  • Skye Fisher-Eames, Team Y
  • Todd Geggus, Team Y
  • Simeon Greig, Team Y
  • Elizabeth Hart, DiSE
  • Reuben Havenga, DiSE
  • Oliver Heath, British Swimming Podium Potential
  • Bryn James, British Swimming Development
  • Juliette John, British Swimming Podium Potential
  • Oscar Kane, British Swimming Podium Potential
  • Maya Kutty, British Swimming Development
  • Connor Lano, DiSE
  • Robbie Lee, British Swimming Podium Potential
  • Euan McCabe, British Swimming Development
  • Siena Rae Mills, Team Y Development
  • Libby-Eliza Mitson, DiSE
  • Phoebe Morgan, Team Y
  • Lewis Neilson, Team Y
  • Hannah Newbrook, British Swimming Podium Potential
  • Noah Penman, British Swimming Podium Potential
  • Amy Rollinson, British Swimming Podium Potential
  • Evie Smith, British Swimming Podium Potential
  • Kitty Smith, DiSE
  • Hugo Thomas, British Swimming Development
  • Nancy Trew, DiSE
  • Amelie Underwood, Team Y
  • Rebecca Vega, DiSE
  • Archie Waines, DiSE
  • Oliver Wignall, DiSE
  • Oscar Willcox, DiSE and Team Y
  • Seb Wilcox, Team Y
  • Robbie Wood, Team Y Development
  • Amy Wright, DiSE and Team Y

Coaches and staff on the pathway diving camp at Sandwell Aquatics Centre, Friday 1 – Sunday 3 March:

  • Jen Leeming, British Diving performance pathway lead
  • Connie Ford, Swim England Diving programme lead
  • Charles Calvert, Swim England talent officer
  • Lindsey Fraser, lead coach
  • Sam Buck
  • Georgia Davenport
  • Mick Edmond
  • Brandon Foster
  • Sally Freeman
  • Sahana Gopal
  • Ross Haslam
  • Stephen Hewat
  • Marc Holdsworth
  • Kelly Horne
  • Robbie Hutchison
  • Laura Scarlett McAllister
  • Kirsty McMahon
  • Kirsteen Mitchell
  • Kerrie Slevin
  • Alex Stoyel
  • Shan Veasey
  • Emma Wood
  • Paula West