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Plyometric workout for divers

This plyometric workout is designed to get your heart rate up and keep your legs muscles firing quickly while you are training from home.

Plyometric exercises are quick, explosive movements, typically involving a jump. These movements increase your muscular power, which will help maintain and improve your strength and speed.

There are three different levels of this workout so try Level 1 first, repeating the programme three times. If you can complete this with ease then look to move to Level 2 next time.

Focus points

Ensure you have a safe space to complete this and are wearing trainers. Follow the prompts in the videos.

How to perform plyometric workout exercises

Southampton Diving Academy’s Brandon Foster demonstrates how to perform each of these exercises in the video below.

Plyometric Workout – Level 1

  • High knee jumps – knees to shoulders; 10 reps
  • Single leg lunges; 10 reps
  • Lunge squat jumps; 10 reps
  • Long jumps; 10 reps
  • Tuck jumps; 10 reps
  • Ski sit; 30 secs
  • Quad lifts; 10 reps
  • Knees to feet, jump; 10 reps
  • Pike jumps (touch toes); 10 reps
  • Forward roll to one leg stand; 10 reps

Plyometric Workout – Level 2

  • High knee jumps – knees to shoulders; 15 reps
  • Single leg lunges; 15 reps
  • Lunge squat jumps; 15 reps
  • Long jumps; 15 reps
  • Tuck jumps; 15 reps
  • Ski sit; 45 secs
  • Quad lifts – 2 different heights; 15 reps
  • Knees to feet, tuck jump; 15 reps
  • Pike jumps (touch toes); 15 reps
  • Forward roll to one leg stand then hop; 15 reps

Plyometric Workout – Level 3

  • High knee jumps – knees to shoulders; 20 reps
  • Single leg lunges; 20 reps
  • Lunge squat jumps; 20 reps
  • Long jumps; 20 reps
  • Tuck jumps; 20 reps
  • Ski sit; 60 secs
  • Quad lifts – 3 different heights; 20 reps
  • Knees to feet, tuck jump to one leg ; 10 reps – 5 to each leg
  • Pike jumps (touch toes); 20 reps
  • Shoulder stand to forward roll to one leg stand and hop; 20 reps

You can download a PDF of this workout to save to your computer or device at home.