Tuck Position In Diving

The tuck position in diving is one of the four diving positions, alongside pike position, free position and straight position.

While tuck is often referred to as the easiest diving position, it still requires a great deal of abdominal strength and flexibility.

The character used to donate a tuck position in diving is C. So the dive number for a forward 2 ½ somersaults in tuck is 105C.

Basics of the tuck position in diving

The tuck position in diving is recognisable by the divers’ body being bunched up with their hands on their shins.

The diver’s knees should be pulled tightly into their chest with their toes pointed throughout the tuck

Meanwhile, their head should be positioned so they are looking over their knees.

Difficulty of the tuck position in diving

The tuck position carries the lowest tariff of all the diving positions.

It is the easiest dive position to get into and the fastest in which to perform somersaults. This means the diver can kick out for entry sooner, or fit more somersaults into their dive.

Click play on the video below to watch Matty Lee’s inward 3 ½ somersaults in tuck from the 2015 European Games.

While the judges will still be on the look out for any errors, the speed of the tuck position in diving means minor errors in form – such as flat feet – can be less obvious.

The tighter the tuck, the faster a somersault will be. A tight tuck also means the diver will be able to come out of the position sooner and prepare to enter the water.