Winners revealed for inaugural Level X Diving Dryland Games

The winners of Swim England’s inaugural Level X Diving Dryland Games have been revealed during what has been described as an ‘excellent’ first edition of the event.

The virtual live-streamed event – which took place on March 20 via the Swim England Facebook page – is the first of its kind for the sport. More than 250 entrants took part in the competition which required them to film a series of dryland diving drills to then be scored by a panel of judges.

The top 10 point-scoring entrants in each category were showcased during the live stream, with each of the winners invited to speak with the hosts and reflect on their victories.

The event was hosted by Swim England’s diving talent development officer Suzie Collins, Rio 2016 Olympian Freddie Woodward, and Commonwealth Games diver Jack Haslam – who expressed how much they were looking forward to the event ahead of their commentary stint.

‘Striking the competitive chord’

Suzie said: “We are delighted to have been able to put on this event for the diving community – the interactivity from the athletes and having such great commentators joining us made this a really excellent event to be a part of.

“Freddie and Jack spoke before the event about the importance of competition and having something to strive for – so we hope this Level X event struck that competitive chord for those who took part and sparked that fire for them ahead of their long-awaited return to the water.

“Engaging the diving community has been at the forefront of our minds ever since the initial lockdown period last March and we will continue to do so before our community returns to the water.

“We hope that everyone enjoyed taking part and took some learnings from our guest commentators too who have invaluable knowledge and experience to share.”

Following the success of this first Level X Diving event, Swim England is happy to announce that will we be running a second edition of this event, details of which will be shared in due course.

You can view the full result by clicking here.

8-10 Female

  • 1st: Isabelle Diacon, Co Shef Dive, 127
  • 2nd: Sophia Harris, Star Diving, 121
  • 3rd: Aurora Griffiths, Co Shef Dive, 120

8-10 Male

  • (1st:) Zain Sellar (Guest), Aberdeen DC, 127.5
  • 1st: Joshua Saxton, Luton Diving, 120
  • 2nd: Joseph Forrest, Sland CDT, 119.5
  • 3rd: Harry Westbury, Plymouth DC, 115

11-13 Female

  • (1st:) Anna Duthie (Guest), Aberdeen DC, 138.5
  • 1st: Eva Lang, Plymouth DC, 136.5
  • 2nd: Etta Dodsworth, Co Shef Dive, 135
  • 3rd: Millie Rowell, Dive London, 132.5

11-13 Male

  • 1st: Robert Wood, Co Shef Dive, 130
  • (1st:) Scott Riddoch (Guest), Aberdeen DC, 130
  • 2nd: George Taylor, Star Diving, 129.5
  • 3rd: Jorden Fisher-Eames, Luton Diving, 126.5

14-17 Female

  • (1st:) Libby Duke (Guest), Edinburgh Di, 123.5
  • 1st: Daisy Halls, Cambridge DT, 123
  • 2nd: Elizabeth Hart, South Dive A, 122.5
  • 3rd: Jessica Ireland, Co Shef Dive, 121.5

14-17 Male

  • 1st: Oliver Wignall, South Dive A, 139.5
  • (2nd:) Ben Sharman (Guest), Edinburgh Di, 127.5
  • 2nd: Lucas Clayton, Crystal P DC, 124.5
  • 2nd: Max Hill, Luton Diving, 124.5
  • 4th: Lewis Neilson, Co Shef Dive, 123.5