Top 10 reasons to become a swimming teacher

Becoming a swimming teacher is an incredibly rewarding career, teaching an essential life skill to others.

Once qualified, you’ll be able to find employment opportunities that are flexible around your lifestyle, not to mention you’ll be sharing your love of swimming with others.

At the Institute of Swimming, we see people from a range of backgrounds training to become swimming teachers. Here are the top reasons why becoming a swimming teacher was the right move for their careers.

Hugely rewarding job

Most swimming teachers love the satisfaction of building a young swimmer’s confidence in the water. It’s a hugely rewarding experience and one which sticks with some people for the rest of their life. Alison says: “Teaching doesn’t feel like a job, it is so rewarding.”

Every day is different

No two days are the same. Teaching different stages, age groups, even adults, as well as working with people with special educational needs, can give a huge variety to your role. Teaching swimming is about as far from the monotony of a 9-5 office job as you can get. Every swimmer’s journey is different and you are faced with new challenges every day. Swimming teacher, Claire, says:

“No one day is the same. It’s certainly not a boring desk job. Every day I watch people realise their goals, achieving things they thought were impossible.”

Hours to fit around your schedule

Working hours can be flexible with swimming teaching jobs, and many teachers work part time. You can easily diversify your skills to take on school swimming and adult and baby sessions while your kids are at school. Most swimming lessons during the week take place between three and seven pm while adult swimming lessons can be later. Teaching swimming is so flexible and can also be an ideal student job for people with children, retirees, students and those requiring a second job or supplementry income.

Swimming Teacher, Dan, works as a part time swimming teacher whilst studying for his BSc degree. He splits his time between university and working at the leisure centre some evenings and weekends to help fund his studies. He says:

“I plan to continue to teach people to swim throughout my degree. My swimming teaching experience has given me the opportunity to learn valuable lifesaving and practical skills and has helped me to get real experience of dealing with people and situations, which can only help my future career.”

Work with children

If you love working with children then this might be the best job for you. There is a great sense of achievement and satisfaction when you have taught them something that might help them for the rest of their lives. Swimming teacher, Peta, says:

“After decades of swimming teaching experience, I still love being in the pool and teaching people to swim. There’s just so much fun to be had, and I do love my little duckling classes for the pre-school children – there’s always lots of singing!”

You don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer to teach swimming

A little knowledge of how-to swim is useful, but you do not need to be a competitive swimmer in order to teach swimming. Recently qualified swimming teacher, Keiran, says:

“Although I’m a swimmer, I wouldn’t say I was accomplished or have a beautiful stroke. But I learnt through the training that you don’t need to be the best swimmer to be a teacher. It’s more important that you can demonstrate, explain and communicate clearly and make the lessons engaging and interesting.”

Teaching important life skills and saving lives

Karen, who retrained to be a swimming teacher after having her first child says:

“It’s amazing to think that I am teaching a life skill that could potentially save someone’s life. My old job was so mundane in comparison. I know that I am helping young people to develop, learn a new skill and be the best version of themselves. Teaching swimming has increased my confidence.”

Help others enjoy the benefits of swimming

There are so many benefits to swimming for your physical and mental well-being. Being a swimming teacher allows you to share your passion, increase participation in swimming and pass on the benefits of swimming to your swimmers. Claire says:

“I’ve always loved swimming, it was always my ‘go to’ happy place. It seemed so natural to seek a career around my passion. I wanted to be able to share and pass on my love of the water.”

Career opportunities Swimming Teacher

There are many proven career pathways within the aquatics, whether you want to travel or run your own swim school, as well as teacher training, and you’ll be amazed how many of our senior leaders started as swimming teachers.

Michael says:

“Teaching Swimming gives me a good work/life balance. The opportunities I have had over the past eight years have been sensational, including the opportunity to work abroad.”

Institute of Swimming teaching qualifications are recognised in countries worldwide, offering teachers the flexibility to travel, explore and migrate. Claire explains:

“The qualifications do really help with getting work overseas. If you’re a student and want to travel, it’s a good stepping stone to just being able to get out there and see the world.”

No experience required

As long as you are over 16 you can start your career in becoming a swimming teacher. You do not need any previous experience, although any work experience or volunteering you can do will help you in your career. Peta, who has been a swimming teacher for 17 years, explains:

“I hadn’t even thought about being a swimmer teacher. But the job has fitted around my family life perfectly. What’s wonderful is that my job has grown with me, as I am now the Swim School Coordinator. This means that on top of my ‘teaching hours’ I also manage their swim school, with a lot of administration, assessments, dealing with parents, scheduling and coordination. Even so, my job is still very flexible. It’s not a traditional nine to five role.”

Opportunities for part-funded/ funded training.

If the cost of becoming a swimming teacher is holding you back, you may be able to take advantage of funding or grants available.

Our Swimming Teacher Recruitment Academy allows you to become a swimming teacher for £85 and be matched with an employer to mentor and support you through your training. If you are over 19 in England and not in full-time education you could be eligible for support through the adult education budget.

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