Top tips for returning to swimming teaching with a splash

Lots of swimming teachers return to the pool after a break. Many of us qualify to support our studies and then, years later, find ourselves yearning for the joy and fulfilment that teaching gave us.

A recent survey of Institute of Swimming Members found that 96% of swimming teachers love their job so you are not alone!

Others find the role fits in well with their other commitments and the extra income is more than welcome. 74% teach swimming alongside another job as they are passionate about teaching people a life skill and supporting their community.

Returning to teaching swimming can seem daunting, but there are a few simple things you can do to keep yourself afloat.

Assist other swimming teachers

You don’t have to start teaching lessons solo straight away. You could start as a swimming lesson helper or swimming assistant before taking on your own group. This will also give you a chance to find out what has changed, and get back to grips with the Swim England learn to swim stages and lesson planning.

Trust yourself

You are not starting from scratch, your teaching qualifications stay with you for life. All the experience and skills you’ve acquired are still there and it won’t take long for them to return to the surface.

Refresh your knowledge

If you still have your old textbooks then they are a great place to start. Swim England has a fantastic Swimming Teacher Hub so you can brush up on your knowledge of the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme, explore the frameworks, Expected Standards and rewatch their free webinars.

Do some CPDs

Attending CPDs is a great way to enhance your skills and feel more confident about your return to teaching swimming. Not only will you have a tutor to direct any questions to, but you’ll also meet other swimming teachers who will share their experiences.

The Insitute of Swimming has a range of free online resources, Elearning and a programme of online webinars which could help your return to teaching go swimmingly.

Draw on your experience away from teaching swimming

While you have been away from the pool, you would have gained experience which you can draw on now.

If you’ve raised a child or now look after grandchildren, you may find it easier to create activities and engage your swimmers. You might also find teaching babies and toddlers less daunting as the nursery rhymes roll off your tongue.

Lots of swimming teachers are drawn to teaching adults. Adult swimmers often have greater barriers to overcome at the start of their journey and their goals are pivotal moments in their life.

Teaching Swimming is a rewarding role and your time away from the pool may have helped you develop skills and wisdom that other teachers might not have. Don’t be afraid to jump in and make a splash!