Victoria Moore: Passionate pool plant tutor enhancing aquatic education

Our dedicated and passionate tutor, Victoria Moore, has been making waves in the leisure industry since 1999.Pool Plant Tutor Victoria Moore

Victoria’s journey began as a lifeguard and she has evolved into a skilled swimming teacher and tutor, inspiring students of all ages. Victoria’s expertise extends even further, as she has taken on the role of a pool plant tutor, combining her knowledge of leisure management and her experience as an educator. Let’s dive into Victoria’s remarkable story and discover how she continues to make a positive impact on the aquatics community.

A journey fuelled by passion

Victoria Moore’s adventure in aquatics started with her early passion for swimming. In 1999, she took the first step as a lifeguard, ensuring the safety of pool users. Motivated by her love for swimming, she soon became a qualified swimming teacher, imparting her skills to pupils of various ages. Victoria shares:

“In my early years as a swimming teacher, I realised how much I enjoyed helping others learn and develop new skills, I taught many lessons to pupils of all ages and absolutely loved it.”

Teaching swimming lessons became a profound joy for Victoria, igniting her desire to further contribute to aquatics.

A tutoring career takes shape

In 2009, Victoria embarked on her journey to become a tutor for the Institute of Swimming. While fulfilling her role as the swim school manager at a local leisure centre, she simultaneously pursued her dream of swimming the English Channel. As her dedication and knowledge grew, Victoria completed her final training course as a trainee in 2010, transitioning into delivering Level 1 courses. It was during this time that she discovered her true passion for tutoring, Victoria says:

“I quickly realised that I really enjoyed tutoring, so left my full-time role as Swim school Manager in 2016 so that I could focus on my tutoring and upskill to enable me to also deliver Level 2 courses”.

Diverse skill set and expertise

The year 2018 brought forth an exciting opportunity for Victoria to expand her skill set as she embraced the role of a pool plant tutor. Victoria explains:

“I embraced this opportunity and drew upon my previous experience from working in Leisure, which also included a role as a duty manager, as well as my tutoring experience which I had gained over the previous 8 years.”

Victoria combined her knowledge and expertise to excel in her new role. Having spent eight years as a tutor, she brought a wealth of experience to her position as a pool plant tutor, enriching the learning journeys of her students.

A rewarding journey

For Victoria, every course she teaches is a unique experience. Victoria expresses:

“Meeting so many different people from such a wide range of backgrounds with varying levels of experience is truly rewarding,”

Whether instructing a two-day blended SEQ Level 1 Swimming Assistant course, a three-day PWTAG Approved Pool Plant Operator course, or an eight-day SEQ Level 2 Swimming Teacher course, she eagerly looks forward to connecting with a diverse group of individuals. Victoria adds:

“It is such a rewarding feeling to know that you are passing on knowledge to help individuals learn and develop new skills and further their careers, or start out on new paths.”

“I absolutely love what I do. Even after 12 years, I still learn something new on each course, which is an added bonus!”

Victoria Moore’s passion for swimming and dedication to the aquatics industry has paved the way for her successful career as a tutor. With a background in lifeguarding, swimming teaching, leisure management, and tutoring, she possesses a diverse skill set that allows her to make a lasting impact on her students’ lives. Her unwavering commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering skill development is evident in her courses, where she meets people from all walks of life.

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