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Tutor Training Programme

The Swim England Educator Training department are responsible for training tutors for a range of qualifications and certificates including: teaching, coaching and pool plant.

Our Tutor Training Programme is thorough and rigorous. Tutors will learn how to proficiently deliver training and assess effectively for the following types of courses:


The Educator Training Team have created the opportunity for those interested in participating in the Teaching Swimming Tutor Training Programme to get a taster of what being a tutor involves. This is a chance for you to ask questions and gain more of an understanding of what the Tutor Training Programme entails.

On Monday 16th May Fiona MacNamee, the Tutor Training Manager, will be hosting a webinar at 1.30-2.30pm.

What we’re looking for:

Educators are exceptional fact sheet

If this sounds like you then read on:

How to become a tutor

What are we looking for in a tutor guidance?

Before thinking of applying to be a tutor, it’s important to acknowledge if you can serve the area of need that has been identified and know that you have time to commit to the training programme and subsequently to running a number of courses each year for an approved training centre.

Next, you need to fully meet the programme’s person specification, to ensure you have the knowledge and experience to tutor others.

The Tutor Training Process

After the application and interview you will learn how to prepare for, deliver and assess a course on the training days. You’ll also meet other like-minded trainees and have the opportunity to share ideas. Following these training days, you will observe part of a course and then work with an experienced tutor to deliver at least 50% of a course, to ensure you feel ready to be signed off to deliver solo.

Which programme are you interested in?