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Educator Development Programme

We are committed to providing the best ongoing training opportunities for our educators. Throughout the year we provide a number of opportunities such as:

  • Monthly update and forums
  • Online and face-to-face workshops
  • Resource sharing and development

Access to resources

You will need to be an licensed educator to view links from this page – contact us at [email protected] if you require access.

Click or tap one of the topics below to find out more.

Monthly Update and Forums

Our monthly updates and forums run on the first Tuesday of every month and are one-hour sessions.

The first 10-15 minutes is dedicated to updating educators on current topics that affect their role. The remaining 45-50 minutes is a dedicated ‘talking point’ or opportunity for educators to share ideas, discuss key issues and ask other experienced educators questions.

The topics vary each month, with some of general interest and others focusing on specific products such as the Level 2 Teaching Swimming Qualification.

You can view the latest updates and dates of future sessions in our secure area.

Ongoing Training and Development

Using a mixture of online and face-to-face workshops, we provide an opportunity for educators to develop:

  • general delivery skills
  • technical knowledge of swimming-related skills, strokes and techniques
  • assessment and feedback skillset

Workshops are also an opportunity for educators to upskill, for example, to deliver a new or updated qualification or CPD.

For a full list of upcoming development opportunities, and booking form, click here.

Upskilling opportunities

Our upskilling opportunities train you to be able to deliver any additional qualifications and CPDs. We add these opportunities on an ad-hoc basis responding to educator and author demand.

The process of how to upskill along with a full list of all qualifications and CPDs, including the skill set requirements, can be found in our secure area.

Resource Sharing and Development

We encourage the sharing of resources in all directions, educator training to educators, educator to educator and educator to educator training. We produce resources to help tutors deliver training and these are created in response to specific educator requests or if we identify a specific need.

Many of our educators already use different and innovative resources of their own. Here we provide a platform for these to be shared with the educator workforce – thereby enhancing the overall service we provide to learners and Approved Training Centres. This year though we want to make this a focus. Whether it’s a resource you have created, an activity that you play or an idea that you have or any of these that you have seen another educator do.