Chloe shares her passion for swimming by training for her ideal student job

chloe swimming teacher 2Chloe shares her passion for swimming by training for her ideal student job.

Chloe is currently studying for her A Levels in Sussex but her passion for swimming goes beyond just a hobby as she has completed her SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming teacher qualification.

From an early age, Chloe’s parents wanted her to be safe in water ensuring that she learnt to swim and felt confident swimming. As Chloe grew older her connection with the pool deepened, eventually leading her to become a competitive swimmer. But swimming was not just a sport for Chloe, it became her sanctuary, a place where she found calmness, which she found really helped whilst taking her GCSEs.

Encouraged by her friends and coaches at her local swimming club, Chloe embarked on a journey to become a swimming teacher and enrolled on a Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) Course with the Institute of Swimming.

Chloe said,

“I loved it, and after gaining some experience at the local club I felt ready to move onto my Level 2”.

Chloe enrolled in the 8-day face-to-face Level 2 Swimming Teacher course with the Institute of Swimming.

Chloe, reflecting on the course, said,

“I have really enjoyed the practical sessions and working with different levels and abilities and making sure that every swimmer gets the most out of their lesson. My tutor has been so supportive and really motivational. I have learnt so much and feel it is such a rewarding thing to teach.

“Learning to swim, teaches children so many basic skills which are fundamental to their development such as jumping, throwing and catching and it is such an important lifeskill. I have also learnt how to adapt my communication to different age groups and children.

“I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a part time job. It’s ideal to do whilst studying and so rewarding.”

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